Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

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  • Human Trafficking Crimes

    and prevent human life from entering, and being a victim of human trafficking. This crime has been associated with small criminal networks, gangs, violations of…

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  • Human Trafficking Examples

    Layton Banks INTS 475- Human Trafficking Fuertes NGO Advocacy Paper Hope for Justice is an international advocacy coalition that brings awareness to modern day slavery. It is there mission to eradicate 21st century slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society. Hope for Justice has several locations through out the world. Cambodia, United States, Norway and the United Kingdom are there main locations. Hope for Justice, recognizes that human trafficking takes on many…

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  • Mark Trumbull Sex Trafficking

    Sex trafficking in cities of the United States has become a prolonged epidemic. However, many individuals and groups have seized the opportunity to take a stand against those who run the sex trafficking rings, as well as provide comfort and support to those who fell victim to sex trafficking. Such individuals and organizations have started the process of ending sex trafficking and bringing justice to the victims by contracting prevention programs, building trust funds, expanding safe homes and…

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  • Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery

    Human Trafficking is one of the largest issues we face globally today especially with refugee crises such as the displacement of a large portion of the Syrian population due to the Syrian civil war. This is a global issue taking place in almost every country and taking different forms, such as forced labour and sexual exploitation of victims who are being moved from their homes and can be taken to different countries completely. Human trafficking is modern slavery and a huge issue globally with…

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  • Human Trafficking In California

    The topic of human trafficking in general is a huge issue in America. Human trafficking in California is an issue as well, although it isn’t as big of a problem. California has the most cases of human trafficking in the United States. Human trafficking as a whole is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in America. Human trafficking is the second largest profitable criminal enterprise. When cases are reported, the authorities are usually called and receive a tip about the trafficking. A…

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  • Causes Of International Human Trafficking

    International human trafficking and international human smuggling affect the most poverty-stricken civilizations around the world. With false promises such as a better job and other exceptional opportunities elsewhere, people are lured into what is known as modern day slavery. Millions of people are forced into labor as a result of this trafficking. There are many non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations that have been hard at work trying to put a stop to the…

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  • The Global Epidemic Of Human Trafficking In Nepal

    innocent young girls and traffic them across the border. She is a victim of women and child trafficking that force them into underground sex industry and has plagued the country side of one of the poorest nation on earth, Nepal. Human trafficking especially, young women and children for prostitution and underground sex industry across the border has become one of major social and…

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  • Effects Of Human Trafficking

    Sex trafficking is the illegal trade of people with the purpose of exploiting them for income. It is the fastest growing international crime. There are many forms of human trafficking in which traffickers can exploit their victims, 18% of victims are introduced to labour where they are forced to commit acts of slavery or practices similar to slavery and servitude. 3% of victims are in the ‘other’ category which can involve the removal of organs and the remaining 79% of victims are used for…

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