Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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    The clubhouse model came about after the 1950’s deinstitutionalize movement. The deinstitutionalize movement consisted of many state mental hospitals closing, leaving many homeless and incarcerated. Thousands of people did not have access to medication as well as had no one to case manage their situations. The clubhouse model follows the model of the Fountain House in New York. The Fountain House is a place that became a type of safe haven to those whom were deinstitutionalized, giving them a place to spend time, alongside others that also suffered from similar behavioral healthcare problems. Clubhouse model organizations are open to anyone with a mental illness. Most patients are stigmatized and considered “societal burdens,” however clubhouses…

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    both flat and functional organizational structures (Suttle 2017). This structure consists of a director, four Rehabilitation Counselors and an Employment Specialist. While this is the entirety of the structure for paid employees, there is another level of “employee” below the Rehabilitation Counselors: the clients, or as they are called in the Clubhouse world, members. Frontier House follows a psychosocial model of rehabilitation and adheres to guidelines set forth by Clubhouse International.…

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