Employee Engagement Summary

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Kataria, Rastogi and Garg (2013) explain the benefits of employee engagement as productivity, profits, growth, quality, customer satisfaction, employee retention, low absenteeism and job performance. How does this employee engagement, in turn, work to improve organizational effectiveness? The assigned article set out to answer just that question. It constructed evidence linking the relationship between employee engagement and organizational effectiveness; the long-term ability of an organization to achieve consistently its strategic and operational goals. According to the above reading, employees are in the best position to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization, not the stakeholders. It is through their engagement that organizational …show more content…
These organizations that seek to improve engagement need to focus on their employee’s perceptions of the support they receive and the clarity of the work roles they fill. These engaged employees will be enthusiastic about their work and will be dedicated to the organization, putting forth positive energy and efforts toward the goals of the organization. In order to put the information obtained in this article to practical use, it is important to apply the concepts to an existing …show more content…
According to Hunt and Weintraub (2007), in addition to having trust in one another, the access of the staff in a coaching role to the members is vital for engagement to take place. It is through this side by side work that staff can focus on member’s strengths and interests, helping to further foster their positive feelings leading to increased work enjoyment and satisfaction (Kataria, Rastogi and Garg 2013). Through this strength based approach, staff are able to tailor the work experience of members to fit their needs, talents and interests (Smith and Cantrell 2015), creating increased productivity.
The information presented in this study is vital for the continued success of Frontier House. The engagement of our members and staff will not only allow the organizational goals to be met, but the program to thrive. Frontier House must continue to utilize the strength based, employee centered approach that is necessary to foster positive attitudes when monetary compensation is not a motivating factor. This increased positive energy will ultimately help the program to succeed in achieving its operational

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