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  • Summary: The Effects Of The Third Ecumenical Council

    The Effects of the Third Ecumenical Council on the Representation of Marian Doctrine in the Fifth-Century Church According to Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (2014), an ecumenical council was “assembly convened to deliberate and decide on ecclesiastical doctrine and on other matters affecting the interests of the Christian church.” In the Early church, ecumenical councils were called to discuss and expound upon the doctrine being formed within the church. They centered around heresy and sought to promote sound doctrine. Doctrine, then, led to practice. The third ecumenical council affected the practices of the fifth-century church, especially relating to its architecture and hymnography. Historical Intro In order to understand the…

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  • Theological Convergence Summary

    The last section of chapter discusses Edinburgh and Lausanne’s’ relationship to convergence. Chapter five focuses on the convergence beyond the Lausanne movement. The chapter starts of discussing the theological convergence’s impact “on the broader evangelical and ecumenical world focusing on theological assumptions (162)” and “missiological methods that emerged from the Lausanne movement” (Pruitt 167). Pruitt discusses the International Mission Board (IMB) and its relationship with Lausanne,…

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  • Impact Of Martin Luther On Christianity

    so it is with Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12) With reference to the quote above, evaluate (make a judgement) the success of the Ecumenical Movement in Australia. Ecumenism, in relation to Australian Christianity, is the religious initiative towards unity within the Christian church. The Ecumenical movement successfully promoted the co-operation between different religious denominations, which clearly answers the word of Christ, ‘For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the…

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  • Eastern And Western Monasticism

    truly God and whether he had both a human or divine nature. The recurring issue would, later be identified as the Trinity. The controversy concerning the Trinity was first referenced in 325A.D., at the first ecumenical council of Nicaea. The council of Nicaea set out to assemble a universal Christian doctrine, which resulted in the Nicene Creed [cite]. Both the Greek (Eastern) and the Latin (Western) church expressed the Nicene Creed, agreeing on commonalities and combat the Arian point of…

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  • Schism In Christianity

    The move into the Christian-Roman period, or the early Medieval/Dark Ages marked an important point in Catholic Christianity’s history, and allowed controversies over the teaching and practice of religious doctrines throughout Christianity to present themselves. Leaders within the churches convened in order to form unanimous and unwavering principles as answers to the essential questions of teaching orthodox faith. These debates would be called Ecumenical Councils, settling disputes regarding…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Equality 7-2521

    so when the Council labels students their profession, he wishes for the Scholar label. Unfortunately the decision didn’t go as planned. After receiving the label of being a street sweeper, Equality 7-2521 finds a tunnel from The Unmentionable Times. This tunnel becomes his “experimentation lab”. In this lab, he re-invents electricity and presents the invention to the Council of Scholars. The Council asks Equality 7-2521 if he made the invention alone. He replied with yes. “‘What is not done…

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  • The Reformation Contributed To The Council Of Trent

    How The Reformation Contributed to The Council of Trent The Council of Trent, as Paolo Sarpi recalled in his Istoria del Concilio Tridentino, described the event as the “Iliad of our time” due its long and climatic History. The Council’s Purpose as stated in the bull Laetre Jerusalem, was to “eliminate religious discord and to reform the Christian people.” However it is often discussed how much the Protestant concerns were ignored and overlooked in favor of making very little change in the…

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  • The Influence Of Indulgence On The Catholic Church

    There have been several issues with the Catholic Church within the past centuries. Some hadn 't thought to question the ways of the Church–– but some had taken actions into accord when reform was requested or needed. The Nineteenth Ecumenical Council–– which was moreover known as the Council of Trent, had played a role in the reform on the Catholic Church. It was also considered to be one of the most important councils throughout the history of Roman Catholic Churches. Before the formation of…

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  • Tuesday City Council Case Study

    The temperature outside was 73 degrees, but fuses were blowing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Continuing business from October’s meeting, councilmember Dale Reynolds requested that a special meeting be held in the interest of homelessness in the city. Having that meeting in the Multi-purpose Room with department heads from city agencies, two council members met on Wednesday to put their heads together to implement a way, to solve the ever growing problem. “Homeless people, whether they…

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  • Reflective Essay: Political Action And The Civil Rights Movement

    Being somewhat naïve, I anticipated an immediate response that safety changes were necessary and quick action to implement some. Instead I realized that creating change is difficult and moves very slowly; especially if costs are involved. This was a great example of the checks and balances principle of government; the majority was not completely convinced change was necessary by a single minority voice. If a grass roots movement of many people was utilized instead, I believe the need for changes…

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