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  • Persuasive Speech On Animal Farm

    PREPARING A SPEECH TO SAUDI ARABIAN VISITORS. Following this weeks written assignment, I assume myself as working for a company called MADECO FISHERIES. which is a fishing industry, located in the shores of lake Malawi, in Mangochi district. My Saudi Arabian visitors, have come to see and visit some businesses, and see if they can have some business interest and opportunities in Malawi. I have prepared this speech, with an aim to persuade them, to trade in the most unique type of fish, found only in lake Malawi, called Chambo. The following is my speech, titled UNLEASHING A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Honorable ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to Malawi, on my company 's and my own behalf. Feel free as you are…

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  • Animal Cruelty: The Effects Of Tattoing Fish

    color and are clear. In addition, Albino fish are used. Many albino fish are used in this industry, especially albino platys,because they are white and easy to color. Blood Parrot Cichlids are also very commonly used as tattooed/painted fish. These fish are large and have beautiful natural coloration which makes more space for the tattoo and a better chance of them being bought. Many different types of fish are used in this industry, the most common are albino fish, Indian Glassy fish and Blood…

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  • Terrestrial Animals

    reproductive role as swapped, the male is responsible for holding the brood in his mouth after spawning. The female produces the eggs which are transferred to the male mouth where fertilization take place. The males then leave and join a school of unpaired males while the eggs incubate. It can take between 8-14 days for the eggs to fully develop and hatch. To complete this role reversal, after spawning, the females are leave to find another male to spawn with. In this species the females are…

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  • Reproductive Behaviors Of Terrestrial Animals

    preventing or minimizing attacks by the predator. Hunting Behaviours: Cichlids Ambush Predation Similar to defensive adaptation by prey fish, predators have developed behavioural adaptation to help them successfully hunt prey. Some of these adaptations are simpler and can be used to counteract defense mechanism like schooling. For example, white perch (Morone americana), which prey on killifish, can overcome the effects schooling (the predator confusing effects) by attacking fish that have…

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  • My Creative Writing Experience

    During my class’s group review sessions (which I had never seen in any of my other English classes), I noticed that it was hard to keep my classmate’s attention throughout my essay. Looking back, my early essays sounded rather monotonous. For example, in an 8th grade compare and contrast essay, I wrote “When it comes to color, fresh water fish like livebearers, some tetras, most barbs, gourami, killifish, danios and some peaceful cichlids add color to freshwater tanks. Many fish will also…

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  • The Importance Of Parental Care In Fish

    Brood parasitism – *There is one fish analogy to the true brood parasitism found in birds. *In Lake Tanganyika, the catfish Synodontis multipunctatus attends the spawning ritual of various mouthbrooding cichlids and lays eggs at the same time, in the same spot. *The female cichlid, as is her normal habit, picks up all the eggs present and commences incubating them inside her mouth. Unable knowns to her, some of those eggs are of catfish. …

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  • Animal Observation: A Qualitative Study

    in different brain regions demonstrate that these fish might have cognitive capabilities that are more than fixed-action patterns. In a separate study conducted by Thunken et. al (2009) they measured the African Cichlid’s self-recognition using their olfactory senses. They had placed the fish into one aquarium and were presented with three separate odor combinations. In test A, they presented the fish with self-odor versus odor of an unrelated fish. In test B, the fish were presented with…

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  • Black Sharks Research Paper

    includes a sharp triangular shaped dorsal fin. Their bright red caudal fin (tail) completes their visual appearance and name. As with any member of the carp family they are primarily bottom dwelling scavenger fish. Scavenger fish can be identified by their downward pointed mouths with varying sets of barbels on either side. Barbels are whisker-like sensory organs that contain taste buds much like your tongue. Their primary function is for locating food. They serve a secondary function of…

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  • How Is Fahrenheit 451 Related To Today

    A goldfish in a bowl of cichlids would be looked down upon by the cichlids simply because it is identified as different. Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury explains that story of Guy Montag, a firefighter, who sets fire to books instead of extinguishing them. After doing the job for quite some time, curiosity takes over as he begins to wonder just the exact reason why the books need to be destroyed. His interest takes him on a wild journey he would’ve never imagined. The similarities between…

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  • Fishkeeping Vs. Saltwater Aquariums

    In freshwater aquariums, aquarists have a large range of options in terms of fish. Depending on the type of freshwater they decide to set up, the fish can be broken into the same categories: coldwater and tropical. Coldwater fish include livestock such as goldfish, some species of tetra, various minnows, and so on. Tropical fish, on the other hand, include many vibrant fish, including but not limited to bettas, cichlids, and a wide variety of invertebrates. Saltwater fish are primarily those…

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