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  • Motion Pictures Industry

    industry. More recently, studies have involved some other variables regarding the buzz marketing such as online WOM in the existing body and presented sufficient evidence to prove the value of buzz marketing during the distribution stage. As the buzz marketing in the movie industry is relatively new and just adopted as the major marketing approach by the distributor to replace the traditional TV ads in China, it is necessary to add WOM to the whole picture. For the individual company, as the industry continues to thrive and the Internet is shifting the original structure, competition is estimated to become more intensive in the following years. Therefore, it will become important for organizational leaders to be knowledgeable about the determinants of predicting the box office revenue. The more knowledge available about the interaction of factors, the more aware companies will become of the approaches that can reduce the risk. A goal of this study is to explore the determinants of predicting the opening-week box office revenue and the aggregate theatrical box office revenue in China. Meanwhile, by using path analysis, the paper is also aimed to identify the factor interrelationships to distinguish the direct and indirect effect that a specific variable exerts on the movie performance. The specific research questions will be addressed are: 1.What factors will play the most important role in predicting the movie performance in the short term and long term respectively.2.What…

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  • Analysis Of Tampopo By Juzo Itami

    is also looked at as the cowboy. The cowboy is the typical Japanese patriarch, however leaves her in the end scene. Regarding the movie Tampopo and the essay The Ambivalent Self of the Contemporary Japanese, this essay emphasizes the reasons the film is so eccentric in the way that the Western Culture plays a huge part on Japanese culture. The essay Filming “Chinatown”: Fake Visions, Bodily Transformations talks about the small Chinese towns that popped up in places like New York, where local…

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  • The Voyeurs In Virtue Film Analysis

    But the cinema of the body implies also a social gest. We see this in how people react to the monk: sometimes with indifference, but other times they stare, try to interact with him, see him as a performer. We are not the only seers in the film, the people in it are voyeurs of something they do and see everyday (walking), but the fact that the monk’s walking is at a different temporality breaks the sensory motor link and affects us: makes us think the unthought. The ceremonialization of the body…

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  • Masculinity In Movies

    in parts of India. The reliance upon the mother has been toned down as well and has been replaced with the focus of the love story between the man and woman. This furthermore led to the modern action hero with an emphasis on built muscular bodies, who is almost more unrelateable due to how perfect he is at verything and tends to be much more selfish. Within this paper we will look towards the changing masculinity throughout film and the social causes that led up to this point and how the films…

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  • Movie Industy Case Study

    consumer product lines than from box office receipts. As a result, studios are becoming risk adverse on movie projects as each project takes two to three years to get into production, and there is uncertainty on whether the story and the characters will still attract an audience after 12 to 18 months (Lang, 2017). Also, with digital camericas and editing software readily available, it is easy for aspiring directors to makes a movie. There are competitions from Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and PepsiCo…

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  • Korean History

    Korea has a long history that dates back thousands of years, much of it has been dominated by foreign powers. China and Japan had a huge role in shaping the current Korean history, which has been met with much controversy. The constant clash of historical narratives continue to cause conflict today. With all the different interpretations, it is hard to tell which history is correct. This paper will discuss the three different interpretations of Korean history from Japan, China, and South Korea.…

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  • Run Lola Run Themes

    It is evident that time is a very abstract concept in the sense that so many things can go so many different ways. There are numerous scenarios where we as humans could have done something better or worse. Or perhaps we were saved by ten seconds from a fatal car crash. In a very captivating German film, Run Lola Run, film director Tom Tykwer explores this topic of time with a great visual aesthetic. In this film, Lola, the main character, receives a phone call from her boyfriend Manni who has…

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  • Buen Dia Ramo Movie Analysis

    depiction of the feelings and experiences an immigrant goes through while also conveying the raw emotion of getting ripped away from people you love. Being able to see the point of view from both Ruth and Ramon on how they changed each other’s lives for the better was very heartwarming. The cinematography utilized did an amazing job of capturing and highlighting key points of Ramon’s journey to the viewers, and providing continuity throughout the movie. This film is representative of what is…

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  • Racism In Film

    Yuechen Yang Yiman Wang Film 120 03/17/2018 Section H Closes up in Racism in the Cinema of 1915: The Cheat and The Birth of a Nation The year 1915 was a notable year in cinema. Not only there were motion pictures importances mentioned through directors; the formation of the Motion Pictures Directors Association; but also some of the iconic and celebrated films were created in this period. Undoubtedly, two classical films were Cecil B. DeMille’s The Cheat and D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a…

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  • Maria Full Of Grace Analysis

    The films ‘STRAWBERRY AND CHOCOLATE’, MARIA FULL OF GRACE’, and THE YEAR MY PARENTS WENT ON VACATION’ shows the audience, political view, family affection and more. The films were featured in countries such as, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil. This is beneficial because it gave the audience who has little to no knowledge about these countries an understanding of their social or political views. In ‘Strawberry and Chocolate’, one can see that Cuba is not accepting of the gay population and in such…

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