Animal Cruelty: The Effects Of Tattoing Fish

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Recently there have been very many problems concerning animal cruelty, people have started tattooing and painting fish. People have been Tattooing/Painting fish since the 1980’s. As a quote from practicalfishkeeping’s interview on Alen Lee “sold about 20 of them in just a week.” This shows that the product is selling very well and the chances of being stopped are getting smaller with every fish sold. This practice isn’t just painful it can cause health risks and is practiced in different ways on so many fish. The question is whether or not this practice has any lasting effects in the fish or the fish around them?

To begin, there are many ways that people go about this practice. One of the processes to have the fish tattooed is
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First up are Indian Glassy Fish. These are very commonly used for painted fish because they have no natural color and are clear. In addition, Albino fish are used. Many albino fish are used in this industry, especially albino platys,because they are white and easy to color. Blood Parrot Cichlids are also very commonly used as tattooed/painted fish. These fish are large and have beautiful natural coloration which makes more space for the tattoo and a better chance of them being bought. Many different types of fish are used in this industry, the most common are albino fish, Indian Glassy fish and Blood Parrot …show more content…
These fish taken out of water and mutilated against their will. Just because they are fish doesn't mean they are meaningless and worthless. Painting/Tattooing fish can cause many, many health risk and problems. Though most of them come from stress that stress comes from being tattooed and/or painted. For fish stress makes them weak and vulnerable to diseases. Also if 1 fish catches a disease like ick, then it put the rest of the fish in that tank at risk. Moreover, it seems like that for every process of painting/tattooing fish is banned 2 more appear. Even though the most common ones are still lasering, dipping and injection. In addition, to the monstrosities listed above the variety of fish being mutilated is ever changing .Some of the most known are Indian Glassy fish, albinos and Blood Parrot Cichlids. The best thing is that people are finally trying to stop this cruelty. Mainly by signing campaigns and boycotting fish stores that stock painted/tattooed fish. DEFRA from the UK is also going against it. Still the question is whether or not this practice has any lasting effects in the fish or the fish around

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