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  • Analysis Of Genesis By Nancy Gross

    I went back to the text but the dialogue had died down and no new themes or ideas were coming to me. At this point I did what Nancy Gross suggests and listed out my possible guesses for the meaning of this text. • it is a literal view of what it will be like before Jesus second coming of judgement. • It is about the hope of the coming of Christ • It is about the action needed before Christ coming again • It has something to do with eschatological theology and the idea of Christ coming to us again and again At this point I engaged others in the dialogue for help. First, I reached out to a mentor of mine with my eschatological idea. She affirmed my belief by explaining it more clearly: “As part of the reformed tradition, we ascribe to the doctrine of the Trinity. If we truly believe that God, Jesus, and Spirit are one in the same, then every time we have an experience of the Holy Spirit, Jesus has in fact come again. Every time we experience transition from what has been to what is new, Jesus has come again. The dispensationalist focuses only on a date in time when the physical Jesus will walk the earth again. Is that going to happen? … I recognize the work of the Spirit in the world today. I can embrace that experience now, and in doing so, I have in fact engaged in an experience of Jesus. …We say that only Jesus can judge. That’s because the very act of moving into justice is to live into the image of Jesus as the great judge/rebalancer. Is not a time of balance and…

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  • The True Meaning Of Isaiah's State Of Joy

    However, is meaning the same joy that we find in our passage the same as the meaning in English? The English words joy and rejoice are the same word in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for joy and rejoice is simha, meaning to be in a state of happiness. As we can see there is a difference in meaning although minimal. For us the word joy is expressed in the action we compare it to, therefore, if the action is passed our joy is passed. However, for Isaiah joy or rejoice was the state that God promised that…

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  • Islamic Millenarianism: An Analysis

    In his time at Aba Island, Ahmad developed his views into an ideological system on an organizational, theoretical, and propaganda level. When he started off in 1868, Ahmad was a scholar, religious intellectual, and preacher. According to Fergus Nicoll, his thinking at this time was a combination of theological intellectual, a set of abstract Islamic ideals he believed in, and a mixture of ideas and influences from various sources which he had found favorable. In the early years of running the…

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  • Post Genocide Discourse Analysis

    aimed at achieving sustainable peace settlements. The issue with the unsuccessful negotiated agreement was not the terms addressed but the influence of the interested parties (the UN, United Kingdom, and the United States) in the negotiated agreement. They stipulate that interested parties “…used their clout and leverage to impress on the RUF in particular that a negotiated settlement was the only path to follow...” (Kaldor & Vincent, 2006; Kobbah, 2012). Based on this stipulation, it could be…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Victory Of The Mujahedeen

    would end soon and peace would return to Afghanistan. However, the hope for peace and stability was shuttered when various ethnically based factions of Mujahedeens entered Kabul by force and took control of certain parts of the capital in 1992. Transition of power from communist regime to an Islamic regime came through war as well. The Mujahedeens who fought against communists for Islamic ideology were now fighting for ethnic supremacy. After the collapse of communist regime, ethnic conflicts…

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  • Guests Of The Sheik Analysis

    The ethnography of Meddle East by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea in the story of “Guests of the Sheik” remind me my own town in my home country. Being from Medial East most of the cultural norms and Islamic roles in the story looked quite familiar with the cultural norms and Islamic roles back in my country. Lived all the way down on the other side of the ocean, I personal experienced most of the life experience of Fernea, which she mentioned in her story “Guests of the Sheik”. Elizabeth Warnock…

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  • Film Analysis: Lone Survivor

    it, and you realize that it is a military attack helicopter. So the first seen in the movie, the first thing you see, is a helicopter. That is all you hear and it is the only thing moving on the screen. This sets the tone for the movie right away, the lack of sound except for the helicopter focuses all of your attention on it, and from the beginning you can tell it is a very serious movie. This is a case where the lack of sound is playing a big role in what you are experiencing (Lone…

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  • Mohamed Bah Theory

    Theory Application: Mohamed Mohamed Bah grew up in a small village in Sierra Leone called Motema (p. 98). When he was a young boy he lived with his mother but then went to live with his older brother, 1 of 25 siblings, in Freetown, Sierra Leone (p. 98). Mohamed follows the Muslim faith, has short hair, skin the color of coffee beans, and a deep widows peak (p. 84). While in Freetown, Mohamed attended the Hope Day School and was given the opportunity to come to the United States of America (US)…

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  • Jalsa Marijuana Impact

    Jalsa Salana is the annual assembly of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and it was started by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Who claimed that he was the metaphorical second coming of Jesus. This convention was attended by more than 8,000 delegates including 1,500 guests and is considered the longest running Muslim convention in the United States. People of any age were allowed to have first-hand exposure to the perspectives of various religious and political leaders. The speeches that were given at the…

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