The True Meaning Of Isaiah's State Of Joy

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However, is meaning the same joy that we find in our passage the same as the meaning in English? The English words joy and rejoice are the same word in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for joy and rejoice is simha, meaning to be in a state of happiness. As we can see there is a difference in meaning although minimal. For us the word joy is expressed in the action we compare it to, therefore, if the action is passed our joy is passed. However, for Isaiah joy or rejoice was the state that God promised that His would experience. Can you image a state of joy or rejoicing in the middle of your troubles? In this passage, we also have to clarify the word peace. To our modern ears, we always hear the word peace in contrast to war. If you turn the news on …show more content…
The monarchial systems was still in place when Isaiah delivered his message. Therefore, as they hear the words of Isaiah they understand that the Child/Messiah that will come will also be the one that rules with justice. His kingdom will stand in contrast to the kingdoms of this world.
The understanding of Isaiah’s prophetic message of the coming king and kingdom that will set everything in order is much more than our understanding of these words. The coming Messiah not only comes to be established as His people’s King, but as king, He comes to offer them salvation through the deliverance. He will deliver his people from their troubles, insecurity, and judgment.
The establishment of his kingdom is not like the kingdoms of this world that rise and perish due to the conquest of wars. His Kingdom is one that will last forever, it will rise, but it will never fall. When we read through history we noticed that several kingdoms have risen and fallen since Isaiah penned his book. However, since the day Christ kingdom was established it has not fallen, but continues to grow.
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They were living in unstable world, filled with uncertainty of many kinds and they were worried about Isaiah’s message of judgment. Their lives were filled with doom and gloom. And this may be your story this morning. You do not know how you are going to handle the troubles of today and this coming up week. If this is the case, then this invitation is for you. All you have to do is get up from your seat, and walk down these isles to the mercy seat. And we will meet you at the mercy seat to pray for you, that the promised gift of Jesus may be true in your life this

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