Guests Of The Sheik Analysis

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The ethnography of Meddle East by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea in the story of “Guests of the Sheik” remind me my own town in my home country. Being from Medial East most of the cultural norms and Islamic roles in the story looked quite familiar with the cultural norms and Islamic roles back in my country. Lived all the way down on the other side of the ocean, I personal experienced most of the life experience of Fernea, which she mentioned in her story “Guests of the Sheik”. Elizabeth Warnock Fernea tried to impartially share her eye witnesses experience from the Islamic Shiite village of El Nahra with her focus on the women life in town. After reading her great work about one of the Islamic village in Meddle East named El Nahra. Hereby I would …show more content…
Comparing the females’ life and roles in any Afghan’s family is quite the same as it was in the village of El Nahra. As Fernea mentioned in her book that most of the village women were spending most of their time at their homes. Afghan women also spend most of their time under the roof of their homes. Most of the house task such as cooking, washing, cleaning and sewing is the tasks which they spend their time with. The other task which the women are strongly responsible after they get marry in any afghan society is the raise and take care of their children. Children in an Afghan family is treaded much different than a western family. The new born child in a family is conceder as a gift of Allah, and the parents give most of their attention and time to the child and his future. Most of the kids are responsible to keep their parents after when they become old. That is why the child for the parents is one of the important investment compare to other investment in their life. All the mentioned point above came to one point that women in an Afghan family spend most of their time at home for this important investment which can’t be compare to any type of investment that men do outside of the home. Therefore, avoiding the propaganda from media these days, women in any Afghan society or basically in an Islamic society has much higher value and are treaded so appreciatory in

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