Priestly Celibacy Analysis

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Priestly Celibacy
Certainly, celibacy, as a disciplinary norm of the Roman Catholic Church, is often subject to scrutiny and analysis in the modern age. It is due to the differences that occur within our communities and the divisions. These differences and divisions are often caused by the disapproval of some of those who have freely embraced the so-called priestly ministry in our Church. However, most of the time the ecclesiastical practice of priestly celibacy is not discussed under the right parameters. Priestly celibacy must be analyzed, understood, and valued in light of certain theological and pastoral considerations, which can be found in Sacred Scripture, especially the nineteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew and, in a particular
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If celibacy is seen from this perspective, it is clear that the criticism towards this practice is engendered from the judgements, which are often far from its true essence, either because of ignorance or because of convenience. What it means is that priestly celibacy must be understood from a holistic perspective. In fact, sexuality is integrated into the person so that it affects all his reality, not just a part. As such, celibacy is a decision that involves not only genital appearance, but the whole man. In this sense, celibacy is a sing of this total surrender since it manifests this particular option of consecrating the whole person to God’s service. It is a happy condition of the person because celibacy is precisely a decision that the minister accepts with love and not as a rule, but as an …show more content…
This involves the priestly life, which is a complete and given opening for the Church and humanity and is part of the fundamental option for the Kingdom of God. It is a condition discipline that the Church has accepted and guarded for men from the same motion of the Holy Spirit as a field to understand fully the meaning of the priesthood in the world. For this reason, the man, who feels the divine call to the priesthood, has to exercise a good judgment and analyze interiorly the tools he possesses and the obstacles that are presented and could prevent him from a complete future exercise of the ministerial

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