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  • Church Service Research Paper

    worship service of a different religion. I choose to attend a Catholic Church called Holy Name in San Antonio Texas. My parents have been attending that church since I was little. I never wanted to go to church with them because I thought it was boring and couldn’t keep still. My parents let me stay home since the church was only a block from my house. I choose this project because my parents have been trying to get me to go back to that church and become a Catholic. So when I told them about my project they thought it was a good opportunity to go back and see if I would like it since I am older now. In this paper I will talk about the difference and similarities between the Catholic and Christian church, my experience in the church, what I learned, and how I felt when I was attending the church service. I noticed a lot of differences in the worship space at the Catholic Church. There was a lot of status, one of Mary, Jesus on a big cross, St Peter and large pictures. The picture that stood out to me the most was of Jesus holding the cross walking while people are looking at him from behind and the last supper picture. Personally, I don’t like to see Jesus suffering walking with the cross. At my church we don’t have statues. The pictures we have are of crosses without Jesus and pictures that say things…

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  • Case Study Of Beautiful Feet Ministries

    homeless men who were sleeping in of the Fort Worth Water Gardens. This was only the beginning of the what was to come. Myers and Buckner continued feeding and sharing the gospel with hundreds of homeless until 1985. They soon realized the homeless they were serving needed a church of their own. That same year a location on East Hattie street was found that could support Myers and Bucker’s vision. Mike and the team renovated this facility and in 1986, Beautiful Feet Ministries was officially…

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  • First Baptist Church In Denton, Texas: Music Analysis

    For this essay, I will be reviewing music in a social context. I attended First Baptist Church in Denton, Texas on October 25, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. I have attended this specific church once before and fell in love with its music and atmosphere. The atmosphere of the church feels very warm, comfortable, and cozy. Both the coordinators and members of the church are very welcoming as they greeted everyone that walks through the doors. The deacons, or coordinators, led us to seating to wait until the…

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  • Interview Report On The Church Of The New Life Church

    Assessment Interview Report I decided to interview Pastor John, who is the senior pastor of the New Life church in Tooca, Georgia. I wanted to get a new perspective of curriculum in the way of making disciples. I knew that he was on the cutting edge of the missional community group movement in the church. I believe that I can use this information in my future ministry. I actually believe that the Church in the United States needs to have more fellowship, and I think that New Life, with Pastor…

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  • Comparison: Traditional Worship In Ramer, Alabama

    This paper aims to discuss the viewpoints of worship and why the church service preference makes the most sense for the traditional church served in Ramer, Alabama. It first will explore the different worship lifestyle of service point of views. This paper will look at the issues involved in the religion services and why the service does not or need to change its ' style of formality. The worship of many congregations has distinct worshiping methods. Some worship leaders modify the style of…

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  • Analysis Of A Service At Peace Missionary Baptist Church

    On Tuesday August 25, 2015 I attended a service at Peace Missionary Baptist Church. The man of the hour was Dr. Jerry Carter from a church in Pennsylvania. His message for the night was “Beginning again”. Now before I give my opinion on the message given I would first like to give you a brief glimpse into my background. I unlike many of the students at Apex did not grow up in a Baptist Church in the south. I was never forced to attend church until I became 12 years old. My mother had always…

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  • Reflection: My Service Experience At Emmanuel Christian Church

    I started my service on June 20, 2016, and still serving for Emmanuel Christian Church. My main duty is teaching the Burmese language to Burmese children especially those who came to the United States long time ago and started to forget their own language. We have class twice a week on Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM unless the church has some special events such as crusade and holiday. I studied what I am going to teach the next class, and I always prepared to start the classes on…

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  • Sunday Morning Worship Services At Rivers Chapel United Methodist Church

    This paper contains two commentaries on our Sunday Morning Worship Services at Rivers Chapel United Methodist Church. The first commentary dealt with the “Word and Table Service” (January 3, 2016). The second commentary deals with January 10, 2016 service on Baptism. The January 3, 2016 Worship Service Program follows the 2016 (Year C) Lectionary Calendar found on the internet. The program not only gave the order of service, it also provided information concerning what period of the…

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  • Discipleship Ministry Essay

    Introduction/ History Remembering one’s history is important in creating a productive and successful future. The Met does just that. During the early 1900s, the founding fathers of the Met experienced financial difficulties. These struggles helped orchestrate a new vision and inspired them to create an innovative PATH (prayer, attendance, tithes and offerings, and hospitable invitation), which continues today with nearly 1,100 members. The Metropolitan Baptist Church was established in 1917…

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  • Reflection Of A Family Ministry

    should be a repetition of creating more disciples and so forth. The question of are we doing things that we are called to do is brought up and it was especially concerned with us as people and not as the church building. With the advancement of women in the workforce and absentee fathers the church was needed more than ever for the development of families. Agencies and non-for-profits were created to support the youth because the adults were the sole focus of the church on at that time. The…

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