The Importance Of Worship

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This paper aims to discuss the viewpoints of worship and why the church service preference makes the most sense for the traditional church served in Ramer, Alabama. It first will explore the different worship lifestyle of service point of views. This paper will look at the issues involved in the religion services and why the service does not or need to change its ' style of formality.
The worship of many congregations has distinct worshiping methods. Some worship leaders modify the style of music to draw people to the church. Some of the individuals in the church resist change because they wanted service to remain the same. Some traditional churches see contemporary music as entertainment and not glorifying God, but causing the congregations
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(194) Both are methods that shares in the responsibility in telling the story of Jesus Christ about His death, burial, and resurrection. In other words, "Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same functions" (Romans 12:4). In like manner, the traditional worship reaches one area of generation, whereas, contemporary worship reaches another, however, working together both praising styles accomplish more together in its way to fulfilling the plan and purpose of God, and this is known as Church Medley. Church Medley is worship music that is in one accord. In traditional and contemporary worship one is not better than the other, the congregation, the musicians, and the choir are all of one accord, as musical instruments making beautiful sounds together. Harold Best mentions, "there is always a danger when true, magnitude of any kind (worship is true magnitude) is made schematically simple and procedurally interlocked in such a way as to cloud the magnitude instead of essentializing it." (199) In other words, there is danger in drawing people to the church just for music. Because, what if God speaks to the music director and tell him/her to sing traditional songs or vice versa for the service, no mixture of medley together, then how will the congregants as well as the pastor

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