Wheeler And Whaley: An Analysis

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The overall premise of Wheeler and Whaley’s The Great Commission to Worship is that worship and evangelism are not to be isolated from each other. Worship and evangelism go together and they impact how the believer is to live out the commandment of the Great Commission. Wheeler and Whaley make the assertion that evangelism and worship have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misapplied, and offer suggestions to fix this problem. The ultimate purpose of the Christian, according to Wheeler and Whaley, is to glorify God in all that he or she does. Wheeler and Whaley state, “The ultimate purpose for His people is that He might receive ‘glory forever.’” The author’s provide a biblical model of both worship and evangelism that helps the believer understand how to truly honor and glorify God. Wheeler and Whaley want the reader to understand that worship is more than listening to music, it is to come from the heart, it is to be sacrificial, and it is to transform the believer to have a great passion for the lost. When one is truly a Great Commission worshipper, he or she then has a great love for God, …show more content…
This is a great reminder to do hard work to honor and please the Lord, and show my co-workers that I am living out my life in obedience to Christ. These are practical ways in which one can show and demonstrate Christ to others. If I do not have honesty and integrity at work, then my testimony of being a believer in Christ will not be accepted. I am grateful for the co-workers the Lord has placed in my life, and I am going to be more relational to them so that I can have an even greater testimony to them. One practical way I can do this is to bring in breakfast and serve them from time to time. I can pay for our meals when we go out to lunch. I need to be more of a servant to them and I plan on doing that to be more like

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