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  • Bridge Of Spies Movie Analysis

    on the opposite country became part of the Cold War game. Both sides used spies to aid finding out of what the other was doing faster and easier. It was an extremely dangerous job and many of the spies knew the high risk of betrayal or making an error is execution, if they were lucky they would be exchanged for other spies. For example, The Soviet Union employed men from Britain to spy on Britain men who had become dissatisfied by the British way of life and they looked to the east side. The most famous British spies who betrayed their country, were the Cambridge Five, they were graduates who had got into high positions in the British Institution. Throughout the period of Cold War information secretly reached in Britain ended up with the KGB. British agents in the Soviet Union paid a high price for their betrayal. Also in the World War 1, a Dutch-born famous dancer Margaretha Zelle who was known by her stage name Mata Hari. She had many male admirers who were in an important position, which meant she was able to get held of their secrets and tell them to the secret services. In 1914, while she was dancing in Paris, she was hired by the French service and was asked to spy on the Germans. So she went to Madrid, to gain the secrets of an important German Diplomat, but he gave her false information, which led to the French authorities suspecting that Mata Hari was a double agent. When she returned to France, Mata Hari was arrested and found guilty of being a German spy. She was…

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  • An Analysis Of Inside The Aquarium, By Viktor Suvorov

    Cold War and had a consequence that harmed the growth of the U.S.S.R.. The final step to analyzing the allies is by looking into their intelligence organizations of the time. The two primary Soviet intelligence agencies were the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KBG) and the Glavnoje Razvedyvatel 'noje Upravlenije (GRU). The way these two organizations are depict in the book is accurate to how they depicted each other in reality. Both agencies were in competition with one another and took…

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  • Francis Gary Powers Research Paper

    One of the pinnacle moments in the history of the entire Cold War was the notorious U-2 Incident that occurred on May 1, 1960. This event completely reversed the efforts of cooperation between the United States and the USSR. The pilot of the U-2 aircraft, Francis Gary Powers, did not follow procedure after he was shot down in Soviet airspace. Powers was supposed to commit suicide, if he was not killed in the initial crash, which he did not do. He was tried for espionage and sentenced to 10 years…

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  • Julius And Ethel Rosenberg Spies Analysis

    after almost a decade of participation in the Young Communist League, both Julius and Ethel suddenly ceased open relations with the Communist Party affiliate and stopped their subscription to the Young Communist League’s monthly publication the Daily Worker. At this point the pair was attempting to distance themselves from the Communist Party to avoid drawing attention from the US Government who had begun surveillance of communist sympathizers residing in the US. Also in 1943 Julius meets…

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  • Bridge Of Spy Movie Analysis

    Worth-watching historical movie If anybody thinks historical films are all about boring and wasting time, this movie would change their mind. Bridge of Spy was based on a true story of U-2 incident in 1960. A Soviet spy, Rudoft Abel, was arrested, and James Donovan, an insurrance lawyer at that time, was chosen to be his defender. Francis Gary Power, a pilot of US army, was arrested by the Soviet Union after failing his misson. In the meantime, the young Frederic Pryor, an American college…

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  • My Life As A Spy Summary

    In the book My Life as a Spy by John A. Walker Jr, the author recounts his time as a spy for the Soviet Union while assigned as the Chief Warrant Officer and Communications Specialist for the US Navy. He reveals that not only was it him that sold off secrets to the Soviet Union, he also got his son, brother, ex-wife, and a close friend involved into it as well. The book starts off with Walker explaining his new job in the Navy aboard a Submarine, then dwelling into his family and their financial…

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  • Jfk Assassination And John F Kennedy Assassination

    All three organizations had become respective enemies of the President and his actions. The CIA needed Kennedy assassinated because he posed as an imminent threat to them, showing that he had goals of disbanding their entire agency. Secondly, the KGB and Soviet Union seeked the President’s death as he had forced them out of Cuba, destroying their morale and general respect, all while proceeding to secretly get closer to winning the Cold War. By killing the President, the Soviet Union would have…

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  • Intelligence During The Cold War

    The collapse of the Soviet Union forced Russia to reorganize and change the way they operated their intelligence community. This reorganization and restructuring of the intelligence community by the Russians is what the current intelligence climate sees today. Prior to the Cold War ending, the primary intelligence agency for the Soviet Union was known as the KGB, which was responsible for both domestic and foreign political intelligence (Soldatov & Borogan, 2011, pg. 83). Unlike the United…

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  • How Did Stalin Maintain Power In Animal Farm

    countries because they all thought that Stalin was a great person. Many leaders like Stalin used this trick because they wanted lot’s of power and didn’t want anything good for its people. A connection to life today is fake news. This connects to propaganda because it’s misleading. It has affected many people because they can’t tell the difference between if it’s true or not. Another way to maintain power was fear tactics. There were many different ways that leaders used this tactic but Joseph…

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  • The New Tsar Summary

    wrote a book titled The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Putin which tells the life of Vladimir Putin. The book gives details about Putin’s experience in the KGB and his movement toward President of Russia. The book starts on the day of November 17 in 1941 with Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (Putin’s father) on a suicide mission to stop the German army from completely destroying the last Soviet fleet left to defend their nation. The setting was about thirty miles from Leningrad and Putin was to…

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