Interview Report On The Church Of The New Life Church

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Assessment Interview Report I decided to interview Pastor John, who is the senior pastor of the New Life church in Tooca, Georgia. I wanted to get a new perspective of curriculum in the way of making disciples. I knew that he was on the cutting edge of the missional community group movement in the church. I believe that I can use this information in my future ministry. I actually believe that the Church in the United States needs to have more fellowship, and I think that New Life, with Pastor John, are making that movement in their church.
What is the Church’s role in Christian Education? The purpose of the church as an institution is for equipping the saints for the work of ministry. This involves the church having the ability to make apostles, prophet’s evangelists, shepherd, and teacher. Christians are called to become more effective in all these areas, but the Lord has given these gifts more to others. It is the Church’s responsibility to bring the people who have these gifts to help teach and develop these gifts in others. Some with the gift of prophesy need to come along those that are weaker in this area and help them along to become more Christ like. Vice versa with the one who is a prophet will need help with a gift of the person that they had helped. Pastor John breaks down these categories of people into: shepherd-these are the ones who take care of the peoples’ needs, teacher- these are the people in the Word studying and preaching the Truth, evangelist- are

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