Children 's Health Insurance Program

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1. New Hope Ministries
Not all families in the program are aware of the other programs New Hope offers. New Hope Ministries is a Christian social services organization that includes a food bank, adult education and job training, health and nutrition training, financial planning education, and community resource awareness. New Hope seeks to help individuals and families experience Christ’s love by providing for basic needs. New Hope specifically seeks to help those on the lower income level, but is open to anyone seeking assistance.

2. Children’s Health Insurance Program
CHIP offers health insurance to children who do are ineligible for Medical Assistance. Depending on income, children have access to either free or low cost insurance. The qualifications for enrollment are being under 19, a US citizen, a PA resident, and uninsured and ineligible for Medical Assistance, no other medical or other restrictions apply. Children are enrolled for 12 and must reenroll each year.

PA housing search is a free housing database that seeks to connect landlords and sellers to tenants and house buyers. PA housing search is designed to provide assistance for low-income, disabled, and senior individuals and families, but is accessible and helpful to anyone seeking new housing. In addition, it has creating housing and budgeting tools, and many links to community resources.

4. Liberti Harrisburg
Liberti’s mission is to speak and serve as the very presence of

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