Reflection Of The Four Gospels

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Introduction into this book and videos covers how we need to set long term goals, but before doing so we need to ask ourselves some questions. Before we can set those goals we should seek to know Christ. This can be done by reading the four gospels and seeing what Jesus did, what we can learn from him, and how does it relate to us? Jesus’ last commandment was to go and make disciples, and while principles never change, our methods have to change in order to reach the current generation, and each beyond.
As we get into the chapters we learn that men are God’s method and while they may seem unlearned or ignorant by man’s standards, God uses those willing to learn and raises them into leadership. Although it may be a slow process, our responsibility
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As the disciples were always with Christ, watching, learning and understanding his ministry, so they too could teach as he did. So should we be. We do not always have time as leaders to give individual attention to each person, thus the reason we should always be raising up leaders who will give this care. We must remember that Jesus is the curriculum, our premise from which we live by and teach. Therefore we too should lead as followers, making disciples to the ends of the earth.
Jesus expects us to be obedient, loyal, and willing to surrender our entire lives unto the Master. You cannot follow something you don’t believe in, and even Jesus had disciples leave him. We cannot go back and seek those who have left, but know that we are to be servants unto death. We are in warfare and must be willing to be obedient at all costs, with the understanding that we cannot win them all, but we move forward reaching those who want to be taught.
Everything we do must be with the same motivating, consuming passion that Jesus had to win the lost. We have been given the Holy Spirit which gives us that same passion as Christ. When we yield to the Holy Spirit we reach beyond our own limitations, and step past the barriers that held us back. Living a life in The Holy Spirit we know he will show us who we are to reach, preach, and
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As believers we must go beyond teaching but living it every day. (James 1:22) What we teach must be woven into the very essence of who we are in Christ, so that when men look at us, they see Christ and Christ alone. We should be excited about what we’ve read, and seize opportunities to come together was believers.
Jesus taught, and lead his disciples to go out and do the work of the Father. They went out teaching what he taught, two by two, winning the lost, healing the sick and rebuking demons. In teaching how to delegate his followers in preaching and teaching, he also opened doors for them to walk in their gifts. He has called us to be fishers of men, and we too are given assignments to follow, yet he did not call us to do it alone.
Jesus always had follow up with his disciples after they came back from tours, taking the opportunity to help them see what they did right, and what needed improvement. Having direct supervision helped to keep His followers on track. When they came back, in the mist of Christ rejoicing with them, he took the opportunity to remind of what was the real victory. That it is not in the things we can do in the name of Christ, but that our names are written in the Book of

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