Thesis Statement For Church Pastor

My audience consists of the Bible study group that I teach on Thursday nights. They range in age from middle school age to older adults. I am the pastor of this small church in a very rural area of Utah and these are some of the original attendees. They come from a mixture of religious backgrounds, including Catholic, Mormon, Charismatic, and Baptist.

Topic: The Christian church pastor has many roles, but his primary roles include equipping the believers to become witnesses to the world and share Christ’s love and forgiveness.

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my church about the occupation of a Christian pastor, what is involved, the training, general expectations and explain how this field promotes the values of
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I have struggled to establish a place where all people could meet in peace. I felt God wanted a place where we could all worship and study the Word of God. After all this time, there is now a true biblical Church in this community.

IV. Purpose or Thesis Statement

A Christian church pastor communicates God’s message of forgiveness and equips believers to declare the gospel of salvation. V. Preview Statement

Over the next few minutes, I want to explain to you the qualifications and major roles that the pastor of a church must perform to uphold the things that God values. We will cover the basic requirements to be a pastor and then review the two key responsibilities they have of teaching the message of God’s forgiveness and training believers spread the gospel of salvation.

Transition: Let us first examine the basic occupational requirements of a pastor.

I. Main Point 1. A pastor must meet several personal and basic expectations of training and duties.

A. A pastor must be a spiritual and prayerful individual. According to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network, there are several duties a pastor must do including reading from spiritual text, preparing sermons, and counseling. However, the number one thing they claim a pastor must do is to pray and promote
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II. Main Point 2. A pastor must communicate God’s gospel of forgiveness.

A. Dr. John MacArthur of Grace Community Church and President of Master’s College says, “Preachers are to commit themselves to proclaiming the truth at all times under all conditions.”

B. A poll just released in August of 2016 by the Pew Research Center found that 83% of Americans are draw to a new church or house of worship because of the quality of preaching.

C. John H Leith is the Pemberton Professor of Theology Emeritus at Union Theological Seminary in Virgina. He set out several years ago to identify some of the problems that exist in theological education and preparing pastors for the future. In all his strudies he has discovered that people do not go to church to learn about politics, movements, or conflict management. Leith says that they come “to hear about what God has done for human beings and for their salvation, to hear the Christian hope in the presence of death.”

Transition: In addition to preaching, a pastor must teach others about the grace of God.

III. Main Point 3. A pastor must equip the believers to do God’s redemptive

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