Virtues Of The Ordained Life By Willimon Analysis

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William Willimon states in Calling and Character: Virtues of the Ordained Life: “this character, the cross, indelibly determines our character” (2000, p. 35). He connects how both the calling of the ordained and her/his character connect. Willimon addresses several things that I personally found beneficial as someone who is going into Christian Ministry. For example, he clearly addresses the need for unity between the professional and private life of a pastor. His goal is to inform those who are going to join or are already part of ordained life. This read is challenging in that it causes the reader to question their own behaviors and their definition of Ministry. He talks about pitfalls to be aware of, and good habits to build
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The character trait of being genuine is what leads others to truly respect and seek out guidance from a church leader. I believe as Christians, it is unsound logic to believe that one should keep a mask on their whole life merely because they would like to do so. Instead the body of believers being the church are called to be vulnerable, therefore benefiting each other and themselves. Also, they are not only to be examples as all are called through the great commission but as leaders who hands have been laid upon, it is important they remember how much influence they have on their congregation. The author mentions “…there is a reciprocal arrangement within the energy guild-I will tolerate your misbehavior if you promise not to raise questions about mine” (Willimon, 2000, p.75). This shows just how a distinction between private and professional life, instead of genuineness and vulnerability, can lead to the breakdown of a …show more content…
Acts such as sexual immorality cannot be allowed to continue and Pastors should step down if they have engaged in that sin (Willimon, 2000, p.72). Pastors who take on any task merely because it seems important, and Pastors who accept special treatment also demean the significance of their role (Willimon, 2000, p.113). There are two other concepts that I learned that I feel go hand in hand. One is humor and the other is speaking truth. Another concept that I learned was the importance of humor. I agree that humor is important in order to engage the audience and allow comfortability (Willimon, 2000, pp.130-131). And I like how he explicitly states that Pastors need to preach the truth and not be so afraid of stepping on people’s toes (Willimon, 2000, p.123). I feel that both of these ideas fit together. In order to have a church in which the congregation is willing to listen to the Pastor who may make them feel uncomfortable or convicted about what he is teaching, it would help if they felt comfortable with everything else and that includes being comfortable with the pastor

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