Personal Narrative: The Circadian Rhythm

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The Circadian Rhythm is your internal biological clock. It is how your body naturally reacts to the 24 hour day. When the morning approaches, your body temperature will rise and peak during the day, as the day comes to an end your temperature will lower.
Last summer, sensing how close I was to college and knowing I would be in desperate need of money I decided to do what most students do, get a job. Luckily for me my local Target Superstore was hiring and after an application and a couple interviews, I was employed. It was a fun summer, but when I left they asked me if I would like to come back during Black Friday, to which I said absolutely. Of course, little did I know they would have me working the Midnight to 10 AM shift. Normally I
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My boss was slurring his words, the cashiers went painfully slow, and I even found one of my fellow team members putting deodorant in the freezers. I like to think of myself as someone who goes the extra mile at work and help make the guests experience the best it could possibly be. But between the hours of three and seven in the morning, I was doing the bare minimum. After what felt like an eternity, I took my meal at six-thirty in the morning. Now at this point I am exhausted, dehydrated, and hungry. The weird thing is, when I went back on the floor the difference was night and day. I felt a burst of energy throughout my entire body. I was more alert, focused, and much more helpful on the floor. It stayed this way for the rest of my shift and I even had some trouble catching up on the hours of sleep I missed when I got back …show more content…
But even with getting an average amount of sleep I found myself exhausted at work during the hours I normally would be asleep. Much of this goes back to my biological clock or my circadian rhythm. Any function that required thought and process in my brain took much longer than normal because my body was not used to thinking at those hours. That lasted until around seven which is around the time my body could potentially wake up. I only got more and more alert as the shift went on because it became closer and closer to when I would wake up and start my day. Much of the difficulty I had during the shift was not due to a lack of sleep, it was fighting with my body and pushing through even if every sign my brain gave me told me to go to bed like a normal

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