Ap Psychology Sleep Assignment

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Psychology – Sleep Assignment
Title: Snoozzzze before you losssse
What is Sleep?
Sleep is described as a non-waking state of consciousness that is characterised by general unresponsiveness to the environment and physical immobility. Sleep is when the nervous system of your body is inactive and the muscles are relaxed.
Why do we sleep when we do?
Humans tend to sleep 5-8 hours every night, and to do so in a pattern tied to the 24-hour light-darkness cycle. This cycle is called a circadian rhythm which means ‘about a day’. It is a naturally occurring body rhythm that occurs in a 24-hour cycle. Sleep is not the only cycle that is considered to be circadian however. There are other cycles like attentiveness, eating, body temperature and blood
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He lived in a cave for 2 months with no external cues to guide his sleep-wake cycle and this caused him to fall into a cycle where he slept once every 24.5-25 hours.
Why do we sleep?
Every creature needs to rest. Just like eating, sleep is necessary for survival. However; the amount of sleep required for each animal is different. It has been hypothesised that body is size is linked to the amount of sleep needed. Possums sleep for 18 hours a day whereas Elephants need about 3-4 hours of sleep each day. Normally, the larger the animal, the less sleep it needs due to larger animals having a low metabolic rate which means they do not sustain as much damage to their brain cells compared to smaller animals. As a result of this, they don’t need as much sleep and smaller animals.
Sleep gives your body rest and allows it to prepare for the next day. Sleep also gives the human brain a chance to sort things out. Scientist are not exactly sure kinds of organising your brain does while you sleep, but they think sleep gives the brain time to sort and store information, solve problems and replace

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