The Importance Of Sleep In Aging Adults

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Sleep is a state of leisure accompanied of altered level of recognition and relative state of being inactive, and belief to environment is diminished. And sleep is important on account that it's the Key to our well-being, performance, security and fine of lifestyles, as critical because the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat to operate and reside at our fine and as essential aspect as just right nutrition and pastime to choicest wellness (Owens JA. 2003). .

What is sleep?
Sleep is a dynamic and regulated set of behavioral and physiological states during which many processes vital to health and well-being take place ( .
Why is sleep important?
Sufficient sleep is
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Often experience delayed sleep phase syndrome …. can’t go to sleep until late at night and prefer to sleep later in the morning . Frequently do not get sufficient sleep.
Sleep in Adulthood
Generally need 7.5 to 8 hours of nightly sleep. Increasing frequency of problems sleeping including common sleep disorders such as obstructive apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome.
Sleep in Aging Adults
(65+ years)
Still need ~7 to 8 hours of total sleep time… may decrease to as little as 6 hours a night with naps common during the day. Increased number of nighttime awakenings. Frequently awaken very early in the morning. Sleep may be impacted by illness and medications (Bellenir, K. (Ed.).2008) .

To Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Practice Good Sleep Hygiene. Maintain a regular sleep / wake schedule whenever possible … even on weekends and vacations.
Avoid napping during the day, especially after 3pm. Limit naps to < 1 hour. Establish a regular, relaxing bed time routine.
Guidelines For Better Sleep
 Exercise regularly – but not within 2 hours of sleep.
 Avoid eating large meals just before going to

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