Sleep Deprivation

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Imagine waking up on a sunny Saturday morning after a long deep sleep. It is one of the best feelings in the world. Now think about those Monday mornings, getting up early from a short night’s rest. Those can hold some of the worst feelings. Only sleep can have this affect on us. How can an extra hour of sleep change everything? We as humans need a certain amount of sleep and it is unique to every person. Sleep is prominent in our life and we need to learn how to harness the best sleep every day. Over the years the public idea of amount of sleep needed, eight hours, has stayed the same but what most people do not know is they are going off of false information. In the article “How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?” Jim Horne states that …show more content…
In “The keys to good zzzs” by Lauren La Rose, La Rose states “ reason minds are noisy is a result of an ‘overwhelmingly plugged-in’ lifestyle.” She also advises to put away all devices away 30 minutes before going to sleep so they do not keep your mind noisy. Another example is televisions. Horne says “Televisions: Dont have one in the bedroom. ‘It should be a haven of tranquility,’ says Dr Stanley, ‘When you walk in, your mind must get the message that this is the place to sleep.’.” I do not have a television in my bed but my friend does. I have realized that sleeping in his room is much more difficult because of the television. Another factor of sleep deprivation is the idea that more sleep will make up for the time lost. This is a false idea. La Rose states that naps are not good for people with deprivation because it is not a deep sleep. This light sleep will take out the drive in the daily activities and will not help you fall asleep any faster at night. She says, “We actually have an internal clock that’s a little bit longer than 24 hours, so it does need things to set it, and rise time actually sets it.” So instead of trying to gain back sleep try to get on a normal schedule to wake up and it should help you feel more …show more content…
It gives our brain time to re-energize. With the six to seven hours we need we can fully recharge. Getting this full, deep sleep is not easy but with the right techniques such as, no electronics before bed, setting a wake up schedule, and using a sleep position that is most effective we can achieve. So when it is bedtime, with these techniques, we can get away from the sleep deprivation and get to the deep sleep we all

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