Quantum of Solace

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  • Casino Royal Film Analysis

    So, it doesn’t help that Spectre featuring one of the most unimpressive, lackluster scripts of any Bond film to date. As stated, if Casino Royal set the bar as high as you can imagine, Spectre drops the bar completely to ground level. Instead of attempting to inject a fresh new adventure for Bond to tackle after the extremely personal character experiences in Skyfall, Spectre attempts to make things even more emotionally charged. Regrettably, Spectre spends its lengthy runtime (roughly two and a half hours) piggy-backing off the events of Casino Royal, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall. That’s right, apparently one man – Christop Waltz’s character – takes credit for the trauma to Bond’s psyche (and death-filled love life). In other words, Waltz, who barely even appears when you look at the big picture, is stuck portraying a frivolous character that specifically takes credit for the death of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green in Casino Royal) and M (Judi Dench). Oh and he has ties to an orphaned James Bond, to…

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  • Character Analysis Of James Bond In Casino Royale

    Swap the tights for a $3000 suit and the Batmobile for an Aston Martin, and voila, you’ve got yourself a hero! However, James Bond, being the egotistical character that he is, isn’t quite as merciful and emotionally driven as our everyday heroes, which makes us wonder, is Bond a hero… or not? 2006 film Casino Royale directed by Martin Campbell, is the first of the James Bond movies to star Daniel Craig as 007. Armed with a Walther PPK and a license to kill, Bond sets out on a daring mission to…

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  • The Major Philosophies Of Confucius's The Analects

    China is a country with a vast cultural and historical background. It is a country with four billon people with extreme cultural diversity, which is nourished by different philosophies of its own. These philosophies are the beginning ideas of Chinese morality and spiritual belief, which were enriched by different intellectual heroes like Confucius. Confucius was born in 551 B.C at the end of the Chou dynasty as a descendent of dispossessed noble family. “His ancestors were of…

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  • John Thompson And John Dalton: The First Atomic Model

    unstable atom is not true, otherwise we would not be here today. Therefore this model must be altered to fit our new understanding of the structure of the atom. This is where Niels Bohr’s Bohr Model comes into play. Unlike Rutherford’s Planetary model, the Bohr Model has placed strict restrictions on where the electron can and cannot go. Bohr found that the electrons will travel around the atom at discrete energy levels, never between. He determined that electrons are quantized, which means they…

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  • Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Analysis

    Ultrafast Electron Microscopy has been demonstrated to be an effective table-top technique for imaging the temporally-evolving dynamics of matter with subparticle spatial resolution on the time scale of atomic motion. A stringent enhancement of the UEM temporal resolution is demanded for recording snapshots of the electron motion which will provide a real-time access to all microscopic motions outside the atomic core and radically change our insight into the workings of the microcosm. Here, we…

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  • J. J Thomson: The Discovery Of Atoms

    J.J Thomson was born in Cheetham Hill, a suburban area in Manchester, England on December 18, 1856. Thomson was a Nobel Prize winning physicist with his research that helped discover the electrons of an atom. J.J Thomson full name was Joseph John Thomson, He was an English physicist and mathematician. Joseph Thomson was considered to be a prodigy at his time, becoming the first to be 14 and attending college. Joseph Thomson’s father was a book seller who intended Thomson to become an engineer.…

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  • Kinetic And Potential Energy

    INTRODUCTION • Energy is a scalar quantity. • It was first hypothesized by Newton to express kinetic and potential energies. • We cannot observe energy directly, but we can measure it using indirect methods and analyze its value. • Energy may be in different forms, such as potential, kinetic, magnetic or electrical. Potential energy of a system is by virtue of its location with respect to gravitational field. If an object has a mass m, located at elevation h, and acceleration due to gravity is…

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  • Case Study: Transition Metal Complexs Of The Macrocyclic

    Results and dissection 3.1 Transition metal complexes of the macrocyclic, H6L Ligand 3.1.1 The macrocyclic, H6L Ligand The physical and analytical data of the macrocyclic, H6L ligand and its transition metal complexes were shown in Table 1. From the investigation, the expected structure of H6L with its possible toutomeric forms can be represented as shown in Figure 1. H6L ligand is highly symmetric under the point group C2v symmetry and can show all the normal modes of vibrations by solving…

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  • Cultural Capital And One's Theory Of Pierre Bourdieu

    Pierre Bourdieu was born on 1 August 1930 in Denguin, France. He attained a degree in philosophy and was also the gold medalist of the National Centre for Scientific Research. Throughout his life, he contributed to various areas of discussions and involvements that include art and culture, education, language and methodology (Grenfell 2012:12-14). Bourdieu was also influenced by Karl Marx and adapted his theories to elaborate further on capital in regards to class divisions. Similar to Marx,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantage Of Electron Spectroscopy

    to the incidental photon energy (hϑ) by means of the Tauc equation, αhϑ =A (hϑ- Eg)n A is a constant that depends on the properties of the material , Eg is the band gap and n is a constant that can take different values depending on the type of electronic transition, for a permitted direct transition n=1/2 and for a permitted indirect transition n=2, for forbidden direct transition n=3/2 and for forbidden indirect transitions n=3. The slope of the plot in (αhυ) versus (hυ- Eg) give the…

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