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  • Why Is Lego The Most Ingenious Toy In The World?

    In the chapter “Democritus, Sophie is asked “Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world?”(Gaarder 44). This question then leads to the philosopher, Democritus, who is known for the atom theory. Alike the structure of legos, he believed all atoms that made up the universe were “eternal, immutable, and indivisible”(Gaarder 45). Furthermore, Democritus believed all atoms were firm and solid and were all different. Since they were all different, he thought they could join together and form all…

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  • Spectroscopy Essay

    Types of Spectroscopy used in Organic Chemistry 1.1 Introduction Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and light (electromagnetic radiation) (Crouch & Skoog, 2007). It is often phrased as the light of knowledge (Reusch, 2013). In the past, spectroscopy started by the study of visible light dispersed according to its wavelength by a prism (Anon., n.d.). Now, with the knowledge of light having both wave-like and particle-like characteristics, with given frequency or…

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  • A Beautiful Mind Plot

    Plot of the Movie A Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie shot in 2001 by an American director Ron Howard. It is based on the story of the American mathematician John Nash, who was a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. The main actor Russell Crowe, starring as the professor J. Nash, is the promising scientist that demonstrates success in mathematics. He wins the famous scholarship at Princeton University (Lee, 2009), where he creates interesting concepts. Meanwhile, Nash starts working for the…

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  • Rock And Roll Bounce: Difference Between Motion And Force

    Science Fair 2018- Rock and Roll Bounce Observation What is friction? What is the difference between motion and forces? Are there different types of motions and forces? What is gravity? What is Newtons law? Does friction have to do with motion or force? Does Newton's law apply to everything that is moving? How is movement and forces apply to the world itself? Do natural disasters involve motion and forces? Does energy have to do with motion and forces? How many types of…

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  • Co-Presence In Cantor's Transfinite Summary

    of co-presence in the light of physics, mathematics, and cosmology, he appeals to the examples of non-Hausdorff manifolds and Cantor’s threefold concept of the finite, the transfinite, and the infinite in mathematics and to the non-locality of quantum mechanics. Thereby, he renders co-presence as an infinite fractal-like character. To be more specific, gleaning from Pannenberg the idea of the dialectical mutual indwelling of the finite and the infinite, based on Hegel’s concept of…

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  • Physics Of Q-Dots Lab Report

    Introduction Quantum dots (Q-Dots) is very small semiconductor particles that means it can be either conductors or resist electricity depending on the temperature and purity of the semiconductor. Q-dots range in size from 2-10 nm, so because of their small size, quantum mechanics governs the physics of the particles. The synthesis Q-Dots were first studied in 1982 by Efros and Ekimov, and then many developments have reported the synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles.1 Q-Dots have unique…

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  • Importance Of Quantum Computer

    the world, most of the things happening everyday would stop. Most people know what computers are and how they work, but there is a special kind of computer that not many people in the world are aware of, that is Quantum Computers. So, you may ask “What is a Quantum Computer?”, well a quantum computer is not an ordinary computer because of many reasons, the…

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  • Difference Between Azulene And Naphthalene

    Introduction Molecular orbital theory allows for the relation between the nature of chemical bonds and the properties of molecules.1 Many times, the frontier molecular orbitals, named HOMO and LUMO, are analyzed in order to predict these properties. In this lab, each double bond corresponds to a molecular orbital. The HOMO, or highest occupied molecular orbital is the most energetic (highest n-value) orbital that contains an electron. The n-value is equal to the number of double bonds present.…

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  • Differences Of Circular Dichroism (CD) Fundamentals

    Circular Dichroism (CD) fundamentals. CD is defined as the difference between absorptions of left (Al) and right (Ar) circularly polarized light beams, CD=Al-Ar For each absorption band, the CD of two enantiomers are always exactly opposite. Theory. For each electronic transition one can define an electric (µij≠0) and a magnetic (mij≠0) transition dipole. Both can lead to absorption of radiation, the intensity of which is directly related to the oscillator strength f, fij≈| µij |2+ | mij |2 In…

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  • Light And Sound Analysis

    Physics: Analogy of Light and Sound Light and sound share many common aspects. Today, we will study some of notable similarities and differences between the two. We can perceive both light and sound. We see through eyes and hear through ears. Both light and sound are waves. Light is an electromagnetic wave whereas sound is a mechanical wave. Light is created by interaction of electric and magnetic field. It does not require any medium for propagation, so it can propagate in free space. On the…

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