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  • Impact Of HRM In The Oil Industry

    In round one the respondent’s median number of agreements was 5.5 from a total of 133 responses, while in the second round the mean was 3 from a total of 57 responses. These showed that half the questions had more than 5.5 agreements each, and similarly in the second round Delphi there were 3 agreements each. However, considering the difference in the number of respondents i.e.14 in round one and 6 in round two, the number of respondents who agreed with questions asked, increased to a fourth quartile range of 13 and inter-quartile range of 9.5. Overall there was a higher rate of agreement in the first round Delphi, than the second round Delphi. Although, the number of respondents dropped to 6 in the second round, the fourth quartile range was 4, with an inter-quartile range of 2.25 agreements. In addition, assessing the homogeneity of respondents followed an identification of differences in the responses of the first four respondents and the last four respondents in round one, produced a p-value of 1.0 (two-tailed Fischer’s exact test). Likewise, the p-value for round two was 1.0 for the first and last two respondents. Moreover, these proved that the association between respondents, and their outcomes (responses) was not statistically…

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  • Formal Inference: The Median Female Agreeableness

    In saying this, there is a lot of overlap - the female median (4.1) is the same as the upper quartile of the males agreeableness (so also 4.1). The middle 50% of female agreeableness is slightly higher when compared to the male middle 50%, as the middle 50% for females is between 3.6 and 4.5 (IQR = 0.9) whereas the middle 50% of male agreeableness lies between 3.2 and 4.1 (IQR = 0.9). The lower quartile for females (3.6) is just below the median of males (3.7), thus indicating the strong overlap…

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  • MIPS-R Thinking Styles Essay

    The MIPS-R contains 180 true and false items used to assess normally functioning adults’ personality. The assessment can be administered and scored either through paper-and-pencil or computer formats. The MIPS-R is measures 24 scales grouped into 12 contrasting pairs, which are organized into three main categories: motivating, thinking, and behaving. The motivating styles include: pleasure-enhancing, pain-avoiding, actively modifying, passively accommodating, self-indulging, and other-nurturing.…

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  • Ratio Analysis For Company G

    Earnings per share of common stock: Profit allocation to outstanding shares on common stock is measured by this ratio. Company G jumped from a $0.672 in 2001 to a $1.03 for the year 2012. Benchmarks for the quartile industry are 0.83/0.87/0.9. Earnings per share of common stock for Company G represent and increment above average. Earnings per Share of Common Stock represent strength for Company G. L. Price earnings ratio: This ratio values current share price and compares to earnings per…

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  • Acid Test Ratio Analysis

    Liabilities. YR12 Acid-test ratio for Company G is 0.43 which is down from 0.64 in YR11. The industry quartile data of 1.6, 0.9 and 0.6 shows that Company G is well below the 1st quartile in the industry. This is a weakness in Company G and should be evaluated further. INVENTORY TURNOVER Inventory turnover ratio shows the number of times a company’s inventory is turned over in a specific period. It measures the how quickly items or inventory is sold during the period.…

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  • How Does Materialism Affect Children

    According to the data, youths that scored in the upper materialism quartile were more susceptible to advertisements and promotions (Goldberg et al., 2003). As anticipated by Goldberg et al. (2003), these youths perceived commercials as useful tools when making purchases. Granted, the youths that scored in the upper materialism quartile had a tendency to shop more and save less than when compared with those that scored in the lower materialism quartile (Goldberg et al., 2003). Additionally,…

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  • Tws Forecasting Essay

    possibility of predicting TWS before the season was checked and seasonal TWS prediction model for each selected regions was developed using SST indices as predictors and seasonal TWS as predictand. The procedures used to develop the forecasting model are as follows: The seasonal TWS was checked for any extreme outliers, which could be either truly extreme values or erroneous data. In this case, extreme outliers are defined as values that are greater than the upper quartile plus 3 times the inter…

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  • Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic Case Study

    8 mo. Chicago Health Services Salary Survey 1.0158 1.02 1.0361 G11 (Effective 6/1/14) 0 mo 7 mo 8 mo Chicago Metro Clinic Salary Survey 1.0063 1.027 1.02 1.0541 G18 (Effective 10/1/13) 3 mo 12 mo 8 mo POSITION RANGE for Office Manager: Minimum 1st Quartile Midpoint 3rd Quartile Maximum $45,840 $51,570 $57,300 $63,030 $68,760 Office Manager Salary Range To assess the pay rate of the incumbent, the current salary was divided by the midpoint of the salary range that…

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  • Low Income Student Analysis

    The income of the family that the student belongs is highly significant to the performance of the student at school. Students who are on the bottom of the income quartile tend to be less successful and productive in school, and have a higher rate of dropping out from high school and not continue their education at a college. They also have a higher change in engaging with the criminal justice system. It is shown that the low-income children are the students who need the most help. Thus, to close…

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  • International Restaurant Case Study

    The expected salary that an employee, more specifically a chef expects in London restaurant is 48,700 pounds per year. The median depicts that the 50% permanent employees expect their salaries above 40,000 pounds and the employees on probation expect less than 40,000 pounds. The first quartile tells that 25% on-probation employees expect salary equal or less than 30,000 pounds per year. Median is the second quartile and the third quartile depicts that 75% permanent employees expect a salary…

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