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  • Distance To Crime

    Article 1: Age and the distance to crime. 1) In the Age and the distance to crime study, research is conducted to examine if the distance to crime varies by age, and if the distance to crime varies across different crime classifications. According to the authors, three proposals are made that suggest young offenders travel a short distance to crime that increases during adolescence; the distance to crime peaks in early adulthood and decreases as age continues to increase; and strength of…

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  • Summary Of Angela Whitiker's Climb

    of those Americans born in the bottom quintile remain stuck there as adults”. The selectivity of who makes it up the social ladder is a prevalent aspect of our American economy. And while less than half of Americans in general stay in the bottom quartile, according to an article written by Richard Reeves: “51% of the black Americans born into the lowest fifth of the earnings distribution remain there at age 40”. This widens the gap of black americans in poverty compared to whites. So although…

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  • Social Stratification Terms Used In Society

    or where the people in the middle quintile end up. This can me measured over a person's life, or from passing on through generations. In both cases, though the numbers are different, they tend to lead to the same thing. The people in the middle quartile have an almost equal chance of going either direction, whereas the bottom tend to stay more in the bottom, and the top tend to stay more in the top. This seems contradictory from my statement earlier about how america is a meritocracy, but it…

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  • Depression And Coffee Essay

    part of a peer-reviewed journal called “Public Health Nutrition” which appears to be a well-respected and credible journal. According to Journal Citation Reports, the Public Health Nutrition has a 2015 impact factor of 2.433 and ranked in the second quartile within the category of Nutrition & Dietetics. The journal was also published by the Cambridge University Press, a well-known and first-rate university…

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  • Free College Tuition In America

    Free college tuition in America is a highly disputed topic. One truth is undeniable, that America is no longer the global leader in collegiate completion. There are many ways to rectify this depressing statistic. An initial reaction may be to decrease the cost barrier allowing more students to enroll while others encourage a more comprehensive k-12 education system to better prepare students for the rigors of college. The commonality between both proposals is that something must be done.…

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  • Example Of Exculpatory Language

    Exculpatory language is that which waives or appears to waive any of the subject's legal rights or releases or appears to release those conducting the research from liability for negligence. Which of the following statements in a consent form is an example of exculpatory language? Taking part in the research is voluntary, but if you choose to take part, you waive the right to legal redress for any research-related injuries. Your participation in this research is voluntary. If you choose not…

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  • High School Graduation Analysis

    When my parents first moved to the United States of America, they did not have much money, nor did they have a proper college education to assist them when they were looking for a job. During the start of their transition to this country, they have faced a great amount of obstacles. After months of living an excruciating lifestyle in this foreign country, they were about to give up and return back to their homeland before their fortune had changed. My parents came to the United States for one…

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  • Mcmaster University Graduation Analysis

    higher education, according to a 2012 Statistics Canada report, “about half of youth from families with incomes in the top 25 percentile will attend post-secondary school by the age of 19, in contrast to less than a third from families in the bottom quartile”. To remove significant financial roadblocks and make education less daunting and more accessible, it is suggested that the government increase public funding. Not only is this a healthy investment to make higher education more accessible…

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  • Libor

    Gaining a basic understanding of finance can be difficult given the number of complex details and caveats that make up the markets. For this reason, some of the most important concepts often go overlooked or misunderstood, one of those being Libor (London inter-bank offered rate). The rate is widely considered the primary benchmark in finance upon which trillions of dollars of contracts are exchanged. Libor is a money market interest rate which banks and financial institutions use as a…

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  • The School To Prison Pipeline

    Schooling and homelife determining Success An eight-year-old third grade boy comes to school every day and the only meals he receives are the free breakfast and free lunch that he gets at his Title One school in a low income community. Nobody in his household graduated from college. Nobody in his family graduated for high school actually, yet he is expected to be on grade level. In third grade, End of Grade test scores determine prison construction the U.S. This evaluation of scores is called…

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