Accounts receivable

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  • Accounts Receivable Process Paper

    Use case diagram for the accounts receivable The diagram represents the activities performed during the maintenance of old and new accounts. It is through this process that new accounts are created, overdue ones identified, and others discarded. The process identified in the diagram also helps in identifying the amount of money that the company is set to receive from its customers from time to time (Ibrahim et al., 2011). This process is crucial since it ensures that the company does not run on debt and that all products and services are paid for. The accounts receivable department also ensures that overdue accounts are closely monitored for thirty to sixty days. It also ensures that the company is cautious when granting credit to customers.…

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  • Why Are Ethics Important In Account Receivables

    According to the principles of accounting course, accounts receivable occurs when a customer purchases goods or services and promises to pay for them in the future. This helps consumers receive goods when they may not have the funds to purchase them, creating an account receivable, or when they cannot afford the whole amount upfront and want to make payments they create a note receivable, which usually accrues interest. When it comes to the business side, granting credit helps increase sales,…

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  • The Accounts Receivable Job At Orlas Case Study

    In any organization, it is important to hire employees who posses the necessary KSAO’s to complete their duties and perform their jobs successfully. In the case of the Accounts Receivable job at Atlas, there are several components of knowledge, skills, and abilities that will facilitate successful performance on this job. To be successful in the Accounts Receivable job at Atlas, it is necessary to have knowledge of financial accounting, and knowledge of what Atlas’ mission and goals as a…

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  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Paper

    Accounts receivable analysis requires many different points of data in order to be sufficient. Required data includes payor information, patient information, billing information, registration information, and date limitations. Analysis must be performed based on the financial class of each payor, where financial classes vary by organization. The financial class system categorizes payors into contract generalization terms. Financial class 1 or 2 is considered Medicare services, where financial…

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  • Theoretical Literature Of Working Capital Management

    components that are; inventories, account receivables and cash and cash equivalent. On the other hand, current liabilities include account payables. Previous studies have revealed that working capital management may have an impact on a firm’s performance. According to Shin and Soenen (1998), Lazaridis and Tryfonidis (2006), Reheman and Nasr (2007) and many other researchers studied working capital management with that of cash conversion cycle. They stated that the more investment is in working…

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  • GAP Case Study Essay

    Because of this the net cash provided to them from operating activities is lower than it could be if they let their inventory shrink a little. For example, let’s say that GAP’s net income for the year is around $200,000, and they have a depreciation expense of $10,000, a decrease in accounts receivable of $3,000, an increase of inventory of $30,000, and an increase in accounts payable of $15,000. This would leave them with net cash provided by operating activities of $198,000. Because GAP has…

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  • Direct Cash Flow Method

    subtract $10,000 from net income on the statement of cash flows to make the adjustment. Next, an increase or decrease in current assets other than cash must be entered for adjustment. A $5,000 increase in accounts receivable must be subtracted and a $5,000 decrease in inventory must be added to net income on the statement of cash flows to make the adjustment. Lastly, any increase or decrease in current liabilities must be entered for adjustment. A $2,000 decrease on a short-term note payable…

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  • Coach Inc.: Fraud Case Study

    to request payment from Coach and keeping the money for personal use. (3) Theft and financial fraud; an employee in charge of accounts receivables could be embezzling money by posting a customer’s payment on another customer’s account and keeping the money instead of posting it to the accounts receivable account or a manger might be understating inventory balances on financial statements. Extended procedures to detect fraud by the fabrication of purchase orders. To detect fraudulent purchases…

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  • Snow Mountain Company

    After reviewing the balance sheet and the further information I was able to gather, I have come to a conclusion of what the purchase prices of Snow Mountain and Ski Town are, $357 920 and $373 173.32, respectively. Through adding the owner’s equity and goodwill for each company I was able to arrive at this amounts. I have further broken down the process I went through to make both ski merchandising company fairly comparable. Additionally, I have attached the balance sheets for Snow Mountain and…

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  • Polycom Fraud Case Study

    auditors normally do be tweaked (e.g. nature, timing or extent) to catch management off guard? The auditors should assess the company’s environment and market in order to determine whether there is a possibility of the management fraud. The auditors could gather an understanding by investigating the management’s background, look for any factors that signal a motivation for fraud and the management’s influence in making decisions for the organization. (© 2016 Cengage Learning). If the…

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