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  • Dysphagia Case Studies

    Participants Participants were prospectively recruited from the cohort of consecutive patients referred to the Combined Head and Neck Clinic (CHNC) at a large tertiary hospital in Brisbane between September 2013 and November 2014. For inclusion, all patients had to have at least one parotid gland affected by either primary, metastatic or recurrent disease, and were planned to receive either definitive XRT or surgery with postoperative XRT to a prescription dose of 60Gy or greater. Patients were excluded from the study if they were managed by surgery only, or received a dose of less than 60Gy. The study was conducted with ethical clearance from the Metro North Hospital and Health Service Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number: HREC/13/QRBW/444), which included a waiver of consent from the successful Public Health Act application to allow for auditing of clinical data without patient consent. Treatment All patients underwent either three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) or helical intensity modulated radiation therapy (H-IMRT). Consensus decision regarding which patients undergo H-IMRT as opposed to 3DCRT was made at the institutional triage meeting. The 3DCRT treatments were planned in Oncentra Masterplan (Elekta, Stockholm, Sweden) and delivered using a Varian Clinac iX linear accelerator (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA, USA). The H-IMRT treatments were planned using a simultaneous integrated boost technique in the Hi-Art Planning Station…

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  • Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Case Study

    Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication is surgery to relieve heartburn and other problems caused by gastric fluids flowing up into your esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that carries food and liquid from your throat to your stomach. Normally, the muscle that sits between your stomach and your esophagus (lower esophageal sphincter or LES) keeps stomach fluids in your stomach. In some people, the LES does not work properly, and stomach fluids flow up into the…

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  • Case Study Of A Client Centered Approach

    Patient History Mary is a 77-year-old female who was recently diagnosed with a rare esophagus, achalasia. Achalasia is a disease that prevents relaxation of the lower muscle in the esophagus. Mary was having trouble swallowing her food, having quite intense chest pain and when she was able to eat she was having trouble keeping the food down. Just a few weeks after her diagnosis, Mary was having continued issues with swallowing and shortness of breath. Upon doing an x-ray doctors found food…

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  • Esophageal Cancer Research Paper

    factor can be caused by a life style choice, carcinogen, or genetics. When a person chooses to do an activity that increases the risk of esophageal cancer, it is a life style choice. Drinking alcohol or hot liquids regularly, eating few vegetables or fruit, being obese, and smoking are possible lifestyle choices that are also risk factors to esophageal cancer. Carcinogens are what makes lifestyle choices the cause of cancers. This is because the carcinogen is very unhealthy for the body when…

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