Quantum of Solace

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  • Transistor Essay

    creation of transistors was made possible by the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that each electron has a unique set of quantum numbers, and only two electrons can occupy the same orbital. Knowledge of the exclusion principle allowed developers like Shockley, Van Vleck, and Bardeen to create the transistor with semiconductors, which also rely heavily on quantum mechanics (they only allow a certain number of electrons through until a change occurs in the junctions of its positive and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Multiverses

    Imagine, if you were not yourself, yet at the same time you were. Imagine that you had led a completely different life. Maybe you were a soldier, an engineer, a banker, or maybe you did nothing with your life. What if you were born a with a different name, different gender, a different race; what if you were not born at all. Imagine a world where the American Revolution never happened, The Allies fell to the Axis, or the Cold War ended in nuclear annihilation. However, none of these scenarios…

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  • Scanning Electron Analysis

    The SEM produces a largely magnified image by using electrons instead of light to form an image. A beam of electrons is produced at the top of the microscope by an electron gun. It consists of an electron gun to produce high energy electron beam. A magnetic condensing lens is used to condense the electron beam and a scanning coil is arranged in-between magnetic condensing lens and the sample. The electron detector (Scintillator) is used to collect the secondary electrons and can be converted…

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  • Exodus Of Deutsche Physik Analysis

    system” In 1905 German physicist Albert Einstein published the first paper of a new age of Physics. His theory of special relativity, followed by general relativity and the Einstein Field Equations in 1915, and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics in 1925 combined to form a more significant shift in natural philosophy…

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  • Gating Pulse Synthesis

    The visible pulse (gating pulse) enters the microscope, and together with the ultrafast electron pulses illuminate the nanostructure specimen (gold nanoparticle). The visible laser pulse kept at low power (~1.8 mJ/cm2) to avoid saturation. At the spatiotemporal overlapping, the coupling between the visible and electron pulses takes place. The signature of this coupling can be revealed by measuring the electron energy spectrum using the electron energy spectrometer attached to the microscope. The…

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  • Write An Essay On Jean Piaget's Theory

    T Introduction Jean Piaget a well-known and first psychologist to make a systemic study of cognitive development. He was a very talented scholar and his first scientific paper, on the Albino Sparrow published at the age of ten. After he received his doctoral degree at the age of twenty-two, Piaget formally began his career that would have a profound impact on psychology and education. Today, Piaget is best known for his research on children’s cognitive development. He studied the intellectual…

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  • Analysis Of The Quantum-Mechanical Model Of The Atom

    The Quantum-Mechanical Model of the Atom Introduction: The theory of quantum mechanics explains the behavior of the particles, such as photons (particles of light) and electrons, in the atomic and subatomic realms. Since the electrons of an atom determine many of its chemical and physical properties, quantum mechanics is foundational to understanding chemistry. Quantum-Mechanical Model- a model that explains the strange behavior of electrons Electromagnetic Radiation- a type of energy…

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  • Two Major Limitations Of Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT)

    Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT): The VBT has two most serious limitations that electrons in molecules are treated as though they are localised and behave almost as they did in isolated atoms. This means that the VBT retains the individuality of the atoms composing molecule. The problem can be resolved by introducing the resonance theory, but with the loss of the original valence bond model. Hund[ 173], Mulliken[ 174], Van Vleck[175], Helsenberg[176], Jones[ 177] and others suggested an alternate…

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  • Albert Einstein: Time Dilation

    Most people imagine time as a constant. Physicist Albert Einstein illustrated that time is an illusion that it is relative which it can differ for different observers depending on the speed through space. To Einstein, time is a fourth dimension and space is described as a three-dimensional field, which provides a traveler with coordinates such as length, height and width showing location. Time provides one more coordinate direction although conventionally, it only moves forward. Time…

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  • Significance Of Electromagnetic Radiation And Beer Lambert's Law

    by describing light as a wave. Some other properties such as emission and absorption are better explained by treating light as a particle. The correct or exact nature of electromagnetic radiation is not clearly known, as it has the development of quantum mechanism in the first quarter of twentieth century. Wave properties of electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic radiation consist of oscillating magnetic and electric…

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