Proposed Enterprise-Wide Computing Case Study

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I: Introduction / Overview
Proposed Enterprise-Wide Computing Solution
A small publishing company consisting of fifty employees located on a single floor with glass cubicles has many things to consider when contemplating the computing needs of its employees. The first question that would need to be addressed would be are employees going to work strictly in the office or will employees also be required to work remotely from home and customer locations. Answering this question will help us determine if we need desktop and laptop workstations or a combination of both. One possibility would be to provide managers and supervisors with laptops for on-site and remote access while providing desktop workstations for lower level employees that are
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A dual core processor would be beneficial over a single core processor based on the fact that one processor can only run one process at at a time so having two processors would mean that the computer can run two processes at a time therefore increasing the computers efficiency (Parson, 2015). The fastest processors on the market are usually the most expensive and the majority of the employees would not benefit from having faster processors. It would make more financial sense to choose a proven middle of the road dual core processor that is competitively priced for the company’s …show more content…
According to Morris, businesses would be smart to choose Windows 10 for its cutting-edge security and its ability to safe guard credentials, protect corporate identities, and automatically encrypt sensitive data to keep it safe and protected (2015). Microsoft Windows 10 for Businesses would be the perfect fit for a small publishing company with its ability to safeguard new documents and projects and to keep these items from slipping into the wrong hands. Keeping private information private should be the number one priority of every company because any time private information is made public the company’s bottom line could be impacted. For example, retailers have experienced several credit card hacks and data breaches recently and each of these businesses involved in the loss of private documents and data has resulted in financial losses. The financial losses can be directly correlated to impacted customers who chose to take their business

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