Research Paper On The Travelling Workplace

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The traveling workplace

The workplace is no longer one specific site but wherever we are. Concepts are in constant evolution. Science and technology allow us to carry our worksites in our pockets. In the fifties a rockets builder said that the key to put a person on the Moon was miniaturization. Less than twenty years later, that fact was proven right.

The management of multiple tasks, resources and challenges today, requires much less time, space and resources, than it did required fifty years ago. That leads to constant improvement and optimization of productivity, but also leads to other challenges, concerns and expectations.

The measurement of works and productive processes requires quantification and keeping the information of the resources,
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Still, the basic axiom of work-outcome is founded in the same facts and abstraction.

The consistence of records keeping, always moves around the journal of transactions, in terms of numbers and descriptions, leads to the basic theorem of assets, liabilities and equity. The definition of the whole entrepreneurial deal, takes different perspectives and ways, yet the work of production, requires of managerial intervention. So as someone to keep track of the facts, the transaction, the work process, I will be very busy, independently of the tools and the challenges, in a travelling workplace.

The trademark “Windows” paved the way for the general use of personal computers, and communications development made possible the “world-wide-web” alongside wireless technology. The computerized Lotus Based, accounting packages make possible the realization of infinite tasks, infinite ways, in fractions of second in many places of the globe, to be integrated in second, in terms of financial, reports, statements, inventories stocks, etc.
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Therefore, when it comes to work in that field, the idea of punching in and out time cards, has moved to goals oriented work in terms of efficiency and rational performance along the journey, adding emphasis in the environmental sustainability.

No matter how sophisticated the technology we use, the basics elements of running a business, are pretty much the same as the beguiling of time. When managing office work, factors as keeping the systems, without forgetting that things needs to follow a simple and functional, operational capability.

Mistakes will always happen, but by applying the principle of profiting from failure, we can solve problems, having alternatives and by being resourceful. Reverse engendering and the ability of retracing steps, being proactive and creative, we can always search for the excellence, looking always for the optimal results. In that context, the contribution of Napoleon Hill in his book “The Laws of Success” (1928), states that one of the most important things of one’s performance is “to do more of what we are paid for. That does not mean necessarily working after hours in the practice, but to develop our capability and knowledge, our intelligence, to provide better outcomes in our performance in harmony

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