Laptops Case Study

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4. What is the number of used servers? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3-5 d. >5 Servers used Total Nos. 1 10 2 11 3-5 21 >5 13 1 2 3 to 5 >5 From this observation, it was concluded that numbers of servers were directly proportional to the number of desktops used.
5. What is the number of installed laptops? a.) 1-5 b.) 5-15 c.) 15-30 d.) >30 Number of laptops Total Nos. 1-5 20 5-15 22 15-30 8 >30 5 1 to 5 5 to 15 15 to 30 >30 It was observed that maximum computers and laptop users ranging between 5-25. This area can be focused.
6. What is the brand used for laptops? e.) HCL f.) Toshiba g.) Lenovo h.) Others Laptops brand Total Nos. HCL 11 Toshiba 19 Lenovo 13 Others 12 HCL Toshiba lennovo others Observation showed that Toshiba was the major brand used in laptops. Various other brands like HP and Samsung etc. are also used. HCL has also a good market share.
7. Do you have AMC? i.)
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Are you planning to make any new purchase? a.) Yes b.) No c.) Not yet planned Planning about new purchase Total Nos. Planning to purchase 9 No planning 17 Not yet planned 29 planning to purchase no planning not yet planned That the above graph show that the most of the users have not planned about making a purchase and a very few are planning to make a buy.
11. How do you find the HCL products? a.) OK b.) Good c.) Satisfactory d.) Outstanding e.) Not tried yet Reaction about HCL products Total Nos. OK 3 Good 12 Satisfactory 19 Outstanding 7 Not tried yet 10 OK good satisfactory outstanding not tried yet According to above graph shows that the maximum of HCL user are satisfied with the products and services provided. Very few have not tried yet HCL on a business scale, but most of them have an experience about HCL.
12. Do you want to know more about HCL products? a.)Yes b.)No Wanted knowledge about HCL Total Nos. Yes 42 No 13 want info about HCL no info wanted That the above graph shows that the observation and the most of the people are interested in knowing more about the brand and have the urge to

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