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  • IQA Quality Control System: A Case Study

    Everybody has planned something in their life, for example, a holiday for good fun or a job task forms a start time to finish. From all these examples, the “plan “is used to achieve an aim and prevent potential problems before they take place. Hence this same process will apply to the IQA schematics to ensure the product and customers are on the correct path. As I mentioned in assessment 1.1 the main aspect of the quality control system is to monitor and checking the quality of a product or service to ensure that it consistently meets specified standards of an Awarding Organization. Therefore without planning the whole structure of learner’s qualification my fail. The IQA takes responsibility for how the program is both delivered and structure…

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  • Case Study: Los Angles Regional Water Quality Control Board

    Huang, Keyi Antos, Michael Austin Environment M1CW 7 June 2015 Los Angles Regional Water Quality Control Board The Los Angles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) is one of the nine Regional Boards under the State Water Resource Control Board. The State Water Board was created by the State Legislature in order to protect water quality and best allocate water uses in the State. It supports Regional Boards’ works, and also reviews the petitions against Regional Boards’ actions (Lauffer,…

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  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

    The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”) was established by congress in 2002 to oversee auditors of public companies. The law stipulates that the PCAOB inspect auditor firms’ performances and their quality control systems regularly to make sure they follow the standards that the PCAOB set up. For the auditors of public companies, the PCAOB implements a risk-based approach to assess audit engagements. The inspection uses high-risk samples to evaluate an auditing firm instead of…

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  • Kim Smith Inc Case Study Solution

    An untrained inspector, who does not follow a good procedure or who makes poor decision calls, might make big mistakes. The total of detail to be included in the quality control and inspection procedures are essential and should be adapted according to the complexity, size and duration of the project. Clear statements are necessary to ensure that ambiguity and assumptions are minimized so that everyone understands what controls are in place for the smooth progression of the project. KSI has the…

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  • Personal Narrative: No Shared Goals

    ultimate operational objective. I was in charge of the quality control, however, my operational objective was merely to finish my tasks: subjectively check the quality, record the number of deficits and time, leave some comments, and pass houses to the material handler. After the round 1, I realized that the quality ratio was one of the important metrics and I was responsible for the metrics. During the round 1, my manager ordered me to pass all houses to the material handler even if some of…

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  • Sick Boat Syndrome Case Study

    The phrase ‘ garbage in always equals garbage out’ clearly reflects the potential result if special care is not taken in the seeking and the selection of the professional investigator’s services. This will also include the confidence that the professional investigator will insist on the use of professional sub-contracted laboratory analyses when it is required. There are a wide variety of laboratory service companies available of which many are not suited for the use of providing analyses on…

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  • External Ethical Issues

    actions I may take is going back to the drawing board. Going to the drawing board means dissolving the current suppliers and choosing the suppliers that my company will work with. This action will be motivated by the fairness and utilitarian and virtue approach to ethics in selecting new partner. The suppliers who go an extra mile to contribute to the welfare and profitability to the company will be considered for partnership. Going back to the drawing board will be critical to establishing…

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  • Kendall Jones Raleigh Case Summary

    1. Kendall Jones Raleigh: Quality Testing and Release Manager As the Quality Testing and Release Manager for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in Raleigh, Kendall Jones has many functions and responsibilities. Not only must he oversee the day to day running of the QC Laboratory and the Product Release Groups. A QC Laboratory, is where the reaction quotient of a scientific process is calculated and measured. With nearly twenty different researchers, supervisors, and engineers underneath him, Jones…

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  • Short Terms Goals

    the Vice President (VP) of Toyota’s Quality Control Department I want to assure you that I am fully aware of the challenges as well as the success ahead of me. I have put together a comprehensive plan that will be implemented to include goals for each department, training plans, and performance reviews. Once you have looked over this plan I would like to meet with you to discuss any revisions you feel would best fit to overall direction of the company. Short Terms Goals (One Year) Meetings –…

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  • Value Chain Analysis: Drone Racing

    the overall performance of the business? We will also be identifying risks (and how to control such risks) in all aspects of the business including the internal and external networks, internal operational processes and delivery of the product itself. Value Chain The purpose of this specific value chain analysis is to identify Drone Racing’s potential 1st and 2nd tier Stakeholders,…

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