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  • Rave Culture And Social Culture

    The representation of Rave and Drug culture from the 1980’s and why it has always been associated together and how this sparks Moral Panics In this essay I will investigate how rave culture caused such a moral panic and why it was (and still is) thought to be so closely linked with drug use, especially the intake of Ecstasy. Techno music (House) and MDMA would both have survived without each other, but their marriage was mutually beneficial; together they gave birth to rave culture. Rave culture started in the 1980’s, with the development of acid house, dance music and clubbing. Although this sub culture has always been seen in a negative way it transformed club culture by turning it into a global force that influences every pop genre. It has…

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  • Quinceaneras Research Paper

    members with music and a folk dance from my Parents homeland, it was the Cumbia. The girls donned traditional dress and danced in rhythm to the beat of the drums. This dance brought our elders to tears. It was heartwarming to see the emotion associated with a new generation learning and executing a traditional…

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  • Sufi Religion

    In this essay I will investigate the role of healing, music and dance in South Asian Sufism. This is a very relevant subject matter throughout the World as religious groups and tribes utilise the above activities in number of ways. Many religious groups partake in dance and musical activities for enjoyment and improved social life only where as other groups like Sufism do this to affect the human psyche and body. They see this as a way to soothe, incite, excite, distract and even heal one’s…

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  • Dance Theatre And Religion

    performances of dance, drama and music and as such, ceremonies, festivals and rituals oftentimes comprises of music, dance and theatre. In addition to entertaining and pleasing the gods and ancestors, these theatre and dance performances are presented to demonstrate obedience, to ask favours and to give offerings (Howe, 2006, p. 69). Thus, many theatre performances and dances in Bali are rooted in the ritualistic and the ceremonial (Brandon, 1967, p. 10). This ritualistic nature of the…

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  • Slow Down Freight Train Analysis

    African-American abstract painters to have a solo exhibit in New York. This showcase, which led to her fame, was a series entitled Blues and Negro Folk Songs and all included pieces were directly linked to blues music or musicians. Slow Down, Freight Train was one of the 14 pieces in the exhibit and it is my belief that this work of art captures the semi-abstract style and then uses its elements to provide the feeling of blues music in a visual way. The semi-abstract school of art is one that…

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  • Jack And Clara Analysis

    high school students, have spent years excelling their skills in their school band. After six short years, they are the leaders of the clarinet section, showing the Freshman what music can feel like when they just take a minute to feel it. Although they share the same type of instrument and passion, their style and posture set these two apart, but these differences show just how unique the band is. The personality and the style of a musician is greatly portrayed through the posture of the…

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  • Song Analysis: Sleep By Eric Whitacre

    Song Analysis Essay: Sleep by Eric Whitacre Eric Whitacre 's famous composition “Sleep” exemplifies a wonderful spin on Robert Frost 's poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” Eric whitacre had originally wrote Robert Frost 's poem to music but couldn 't publish due to copyright claims so in a panic he changed the words in his iconic piece to create “Sleep”. Before "Sleep” was even a concept a Texas woman came to Eric asking him to write a piece in remembrance of her parents…

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  • Staccato Analysis

    Now nothing could remain as it once had been. The sound of fast piano arpeggios and chords, and a wistful prelude subtly fills the empty room, reverb evident as the sound waves reflect on its walls. A combination of instruments become one and create a melody so unique, even those who’ve dedicated their whole lives to the art of music cannot decipher its quality. The tones of each note, all dynamically coloured and bright move in inhuman synchronicity. This is not all. A hinted ostinato…

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  • Influence Of R & B Music

    and even to hip-hop, music has been a major influence in the lives of the people of this planet since its creation. In the words of LeQuita C. Harrison, in the article titled, The Affects of R&B Music in Gender&Youth, “Music has been around for centuries captivating the hearts and minds of people all around the world” (2013). Specifically, the music created by contemporary R&B artists in this century has been some of the most influential pieces of art that have been released to the general…

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  • Product Discrimination In Advertising

    Media and advertising, for the most part, have always gone hand in hand. So why is it that music artists are getting a lot of reactions, and backlash for advertising product placement in their songs? The reasoning seems to be behind one word, “value”. The value of something can be the determining factor for everyone involved in the media industry, that includes the artists, the consumers, and the advertisers. The backlash that some of these artists take for “selling out” is a strong one,…

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