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  • Boys Don T Cry Essay

    “Boys Don’t Cry” was written by Kimberly Peirce and Andy Bienen and is based on the true story of Brandon Teena. Brandon Teena was born Teena Brandon, in Lincoln Nebraska. He is a transgender male and none of his family or people from his home town understand. In the opening scene Brandon is going on a date. Things go very well and when he takes the girl home they kiss. Unfortunately, some guys find out and chase Brandon back to his cousin’s house shouting obscenities, threatening him, and calling him names like “fag” and “dike.” Brandon’s cousin gets upset with him because he isn’t a boy and wants him to just admit that he’s a “dike.” When Brandon refuses to do this his cousin kicks him out. With nowhere else to go, Brandon heads for the local bar where he meets Candice and John. Brandon immediately bonds with them and goes with them and their friend Tom to a party in Falls City, Nebraska. This is where Brandon meets the girl of his dreams and the girl who turns his life upside down, Lana. As the movie continues the five of them all become very close, especially Brandon and Lana. One night while they are all out having fun Brandon is driving and runs from the cops until he decides to pull over. The cop warns him and says he will be receiving a ticket. During the time after this Brandon and Lana take things to the next level and become intimate with each other. This upsets John because he used to be Lana’s boyfriend. A few days later Brandon receives his ticket and when he…

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  • Phfs Commonness In Food Case Study

    health. Natural versus artificiel trans fats As previously mentioned, trans fats can come from two sources, naturally and artificially via the process of hydrogenation. Natural trans fat is formed in some grassland animals and small amounts can be found in animal products (Food and Drug Administration, 2016). This is due to bacteria found in the stomachs of these animals that convert the fatty oils (Harvard Health Publications, 2008). In fact, it was reported by Harvard Medical School trans fat…

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  • Political Situation Analysis

    In a political sense, precedent is important because it is often a belief of change. Take for example the New York trans fat ban. In 2006, New York city became the first municipality to restrict artificial trans fats in restaurants “and would not be the last as health officials across the US mobilized to enact similar bans of their own” (Brady, 2015). New York recognized a need to counteract the growing health concerns regarding trans fats, which in turn, raised awareness in other municipalities…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Food

    According to the FDA, food companies are allowed to say that their food products contains 0 grams of trans fat, as long as one serving contains less than .50 grams of trans fat. However, food companies should not be allowed to hide trans fats like these, as they are unhealthy for our bodies and health. As a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association Andrea Giancoli states it “Trans fats raise your bad cholesterol just like saturated fats, but they also increase inflammation and lower the…

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  • Essay On Transmisogyny

    rights, and additionally discrimination toward trans people who tend to stray more towards the feminine side but do not have a specified gender that they find…

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  • Wollstonecraft's Response To Rousseau On Women

    Notes Conclusions 1°9 I Wollstonecraft uses her illuminating expression "morals and manners" to describe the literature on the relationship between the sexes in her time. See: M. Wollstonecraft's "Introduction", to: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, London, Dent, 1929h977. 2 R.F. Beerling, HetcultuurprotestvanJean-Jacques Rousseau. Studies overhetthemapathos en nostalgie. Deventer, van Lochum Slaterus, 1977, p. 129-135; J.B. Elshtain, Public Man, Private Woman. Princeton, Princeton…

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  • Gun Hill Road Film Analysis

    Gun Hill Road, directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green, tells the story of a broken Hispanic family. The film centers on the gender, sexuality and race backgrounds of each of the members in the family. The viewers see the struggles the family faces during the time when the father, Enrique returns home and sees his son transform into someone the father believes to be the “wrong person”. Enrique is so against his son, Michael, being a trans sexual. It should not matter what Michael identifies as, as…

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  • Female Characters In Sophocles Oedipus The King

    prominent figures rather than mere plot progression. This is brought on because of the fact that they have no representation without a male as this serves to demonstrate the perception and expectations of women within their historical contexts thus enabling a new depth of character for these women. This theme of women not existing without the presence or guidance of men is exemplified through the life and eventual death of Ophelia. This idea of a woman not knowing what to do or think and…

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  • Why Male Birth Control Exists Analysis

    men and boys feel extreme social pressure to adhere to. The epitome of how damaging masculinity can be on a person’s physical and mental health is embodied by hegemonic masculinity. Hegemonic masculinity is defined as the “ideal” form of masculinity within a society at a specific time and place (Connell, 1995). In the modern United States, hegemonic masculinity is reflected in white, heterosexual, wealthy and well-educated men (Courtenay, 2000). In many ways, performing hegemonic masculinity…

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  • John Updike Summary

    ideas that John Updike attacks in his article. He lays out the struggles, and the hardships of being a man in a very sarcastic way. Elinor Burkett in a similar fashion tries to show how women still have a stereotype of being treated as nothing more than sexual pieces. She talks about all the trans people who try to define how women are and should be acting when they haven't been a woman long enough to know determine what a woman is. Both sides are not wrong on the struggles that each gender…

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