Trajectory of a projectile

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  • Automated Behavior Analysis

    Trajectory classification serves as the basis for abnormal activity detection. By analyzing the position, speed and appearance of the tracked object’s trajectory and then comparing those trajectories to the “normal” standard used to train the system, ABORAT is “able to detect normal/abnormal activities” (Appiah & Hunter, 2009, p. 6). These activities are then used to determine if abnormal behavior is present (i.e. behavior detection) and, if required, issues one of three alerts, “object type, zone and tripwire violations and the behavioral alert” (Appiah & Hunter, 2009, p. 7). In short, “The system is fully autonomous…capable of using the trajectory of moving object[s] to classify the behavior” (Appiah & Hunter, 2009, p. 8) and alerts monitors to the presence of abnormal behavior. Initial tests yielded promising results with a 4.4% error rate for data collected on a normal day and 14.5% error rate for data collected on a rainy day (Appiah & Hunter, 2009, p.…

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  • Air Force Observation Essay

    What are the x and y components of acceleration when the projectile is in motion? Call y positive upwards. The x component of acceleration is zero because projectiles have a constant velocity, resulting in no horizontal acceleration. The y component of acceleration is a constant -9.8 m/s2 in relation to the gravitational force acting on the projectile. Why does the x component of velocity remain constant? The x component of velocity remains constant because since the horizontal acceleration is…

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  • Projectile Motions: Effective Motion: Sun Tzu

    WAR MATHS- PROJECTILE MOTION Sun Tzu, the man whose name is famed by the phrase, the art of war, once said “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and seek to win. ” which means victors were the ones who calculated and analyzed their opposition and factors that would ensure their victory. Cannons and catapults in my view, were the earliest form of artillery used for fighting wars with great separation distances between the parties at war. Bows…

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  • Trebuchet Experiment

    accelerate the object and (Pearson science ,2012). The motion of the projectile launched is parabolic and is influenced by factors such as the mass of the counter weight, the length of the pivot arm…

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  • Fortunate Hunt Essay

    the use of modern equipment is abused, as a result, hunters lose comprehension of the once-held sacred value of harvesting an animal as a resource. Any rifled barreled firearm can trace it’s origins back to a Flintlock Muzzleloading rifle. A rifled barrel means that spiraled grooves are cut into interior of the barrel which cause the projectile to rotate as it travels through, dramatically straightening the trajectory, or path, of the projectile, ultimately resulting in superior accuracy of the…

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  • The Grassy Knoll Theory: The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

    It does not take an expert in ballistics to know that a bullet or any sort of projectile can make a series of turns especially in the small amount of space that these turns where to believed to have taken place in. Seeing as the President and Governor Connally were sitting less then three feet away from each other (MacDonald, JFK Smoking Gun) it is hard to make sense of a bullet making several turns before striking Governor…

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  • Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, And Pyrotechnics

    The early gunpowder for use in weapons was weak, the light guns were unreliable and inefficient, and these weapons could only fire small scraps of metal. The accuracy of these weapons was atrocious and reloading took a long time. Around the early 1300's, blacksmiths made a new cannon design using wrought iron. They made a barrel shape using a wooden pole in the center, and hammered the wrought iron together. They put hot iron rings over the barrel, and that made the classic cannon. The new…

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  • Offensive Warfare Technology

    (Chow). Other offensive technologies, such as the RPG (rocket propelled grenade), are often used in combatant settings. They are incredibly effective in allowing a single person to take down helicopters, tanks, and buildings (Technology of War). Rocket and bomb technology have also advanced to create tomahawks and smart bombs. Tomahawks are equipped with a GPS and can travel at speeds of 550 mph (Chow). Smart bombs are also much more advanced with new technologies. Old bombs were basic with…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Adidas Journey

    to kick dirt onto it. Hung and Tommy soon followed after me, stepping on the surrounding fire, hoping to put it out. I looked over for a brief moment and saw Tommy’s shoes caught on fire as he trying to put it out by stomping on it. I was too busy with helping Tommy and simultaneously trying to put out my fire that I didn’t notice what Hung was doing. I was standing in front of the river and directly behind the burning bottle of gasoline. From the corner of my left eye, I saw Hung running up to…

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  • Criminalistics

    scientific disciplines, numerous technologies are available to aid criminalists in collecting and analysing evidence. These technologies range in accuracy and in type, from carbon dating to DNA sequencing to alternative light photography. Some of the most accurate techniques include high-speed ballistics photography, Magnetic Fingerprinting and Automated Fingerprint Identification (AFIS), 3D facial reconstruction, and the Video Spectral Comparator 2000. High-speed ballistics photography entails…

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