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  • Essay On Nuclear Chemistry

    inserted into the patient through injection. Before the uses of nuclear chemistry in medicine are discussed, it is vital to study the chemistry of nuclear and radioactivity. A nuclide consists of protons and neutrons in any configuration. Most nuclides are unstable and spontaneously release energy. Sometime subatomic particles are also released in order to reach the level of more stability. This process of attempt to go from unstable to stable state is the key for radioactive decay. We call the unstable nuclides radionuclides. In the mid- 20th century medical radionuclide production highly used reactors, accelerators and cyclotrons. Among the 1500 nuclides that are available, reactor-produced radionuclides are usually electron rich. This property result for the nuclides to decay by β negative emission that was used for cancer therapy. Some reactor-produced radionuclides were used for nuclear medicine imaging. The other aspect of medical radionuclide production was…

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  • Nuclear Medicine History

    using all the knowledge in molecular biology, and cancer biology combined with imaging, It will be images, combined with genes, tumor markers and patient data.” (Liselotte Hojgaard, MD, professor of medicine and technology at the University of Copenhagen) The science of radioactivity has existed for many decades since it’s discovery. While often perceived as a risky and dangerous practice, artificial radioactivity can not only be used for energy and weaponry, but also to diagnose diseases and…

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  • The Dangers Of Radiation During The Cold War

    Dangers of Radiation. Soldiers have been put in danger throughout recent history due to negligence with nuclear material and weapons testing. Either through having soldiers being at the actual test sites when the bombs were detonated or having them complete military exercises afterwards or getting the site ready for the next weapons test. Having soldiers move around radioactive material, living on bases nearby radioactive material, getting unknowingly bombarded by radiation to see its effects…

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  • Radiation Protection Policy Analysis

    Introduction Radiation protection policy is distributed among several governmental Agencies in the United States. Each agency is tasked with controlling exposure to radiation and the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation generating devices. These agencies inform their policy with reports and recommendations from a number of organizations, including the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). The NCRP is a longstanding organization that strives to provide…

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  • The Role Of Imaging In Nuclear Medicine

    Nuclear medicine is used by physicians all over the world, pre-dating Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Ultrasound technology. Tests are conducted using pharmaceuticals in conjunction with specific mechanical imaging, allowing optimal diagnosis for various conditions. Nuclear medicine allows doctors to see inside the body in ways that X-ray, CT, and MRI alone cannot, providing the most accurate way to study and diagnose specific abnormalities within the body’s…

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  • Nuclear Chemistry Argumentative Essay

    Nuclear chemistry is unsafe and because the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, it should not be used in modern day technology and science. With its ability to remain for hundreds to thousands of years, and with no safe place to store it, it sucks up space and money. Additionally, the transplant of nuclear waste can be a mark for terrorism, making it even more unsafe. Nuclear, radioactive, radiation, nuclear waste; what do these words bring to mind? Most would think of a superhero, or a deformed…

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  • Figure 5.8: Pulse Height Spectrum Analysis

    Figure 5.8 is a pulse height spectrum of the net counts of the beta- emitting radionuclide, 137Cs as a function of pulse height voltage. Within Figure 5.8, the majority of the counts reside in the low voltage region, below 25 mV. It is possible to discriminate the between the different particle types by virtue of the pulse height distribution and establishing detection window threshold within the detection unit. As discussed earlier, it is possible to establish a lower threshold limit that…

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  • Chernobyl Catastrophe

    Chernobyl accident had on the surrounding environment. April 26, 1986, also known as the date of the worst nuclear accident in history. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was located in what was previously known as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union (USSR). The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) stated a malfunction in one of the reactors during a systems test caused the fourth unit of the nuclear power station to explode, which then caused a large graphite fire to…

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  • Fukushima Research Paper

    The size of the tsunami was roughly two times larger than what the plant was designed to handle. The crippled reactors melted, resulting in the largest nuclear accident since Chernobyl. Land within 20 kilometers of Daiichi is now uninhabitable, and water contaminated with radionuclides has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean since March 2011. If the Japanese public decides nuclear technology is not to be trusted, they may abandon nuclear energy as a source of electricity altogether. The disaster…

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  • Nuclear Engineering Research Paper

    radioactivity as a spontaneous quantum event that occurs when an alpha or beta particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom, yielding a different element. Almost a decade later, in 1911, Frederick Soddy discovered that natural radioactive elements have a number of different isotopes, “Radionuclides”, with the same chemistry. That same year, George de Hevesy showed that such radionuclides were valuable tracers because only very small amounts are needed to be detected. George de Hevesy’s…

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