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  • Food Irradiation Research Paper

    IRRADIATION Food irradiation is the processing of food products by ionising radiation in order to control food borne pathogens, reduce microbial load and insect infestation, inhibit the germination of root crops, and extend the durable life of perishable produce (International Consultative Group, 1991). Application of ionizing radiation results in the radiolysis of water. This triggers the development of species such as OH−, hydrated electron and H+, which can then induce several chemical…

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  • Analysis Of Three Bentonite Materials

    Analysis Three Bentonite properties, which makes it a unique buffer material for nuclear disposal applications are discussed in the following: 1) Thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity is the rate at which heat can be transferred through a certain material. It is also expressed as the flux of heat, which flows per unit time through a unit distance with a temperature gradient of one degree per unit area. Thermal conductivity, like other tensor parameters, has different values in different…

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  • The Importance Of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide for women in 140 out of 184 countries. Breast cancer rates have continued to rise over the years with the current statistic stating one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. It is the second leading cause of cancer death among women.1 Since 1990, there has been a decline in the death rates from breast cancer due to improved screening, early detection, increased awareness, and continually improving…

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  • Case Study: A Career As A Surgical Oncologist

    Surgical takes patients into surgery to remove any object that is obstructing the body. Medical gives medicine and treatments at the first stage of cancer. Then there is radiation, which is given at a higher stage of cancer and it produces x-rays and radionuclides throughout the body. These specialists not only save lives, they also save worlds. Surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists make this world a better place and we need more to sustain the world. Although there is multiple types of…

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  • Feed Wave Concentration Lab Report

    The concentrations of difference between the membrane phase and feed phase based on the mechanism of mass extraction. In the case of feed solution represented radioactive simulated waste solution and dissolved in 0.5M HNO3. In the feed phase decreasing with H+ concentration. pH values at 2.5 into 5.5 in the feed phase. Fig,s(5a-5c). Shown the effect of hydrogen ion concentration in the feed phase and studied of pH range 2.5-5.5 for 0.5M HNO3. Stripping solution of 0.05M of EDTA. Initial…

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  • Nitrate Synthesis

    biogeochemical cycling of carbon, hydrogen and variety of trace metal elements. Nitrate(NO3-)reducing bacteria are important for bioremediation purpose. It acts as oxidizing toxic organic compounds to carbon dioxide (CO2) and reduce immobilizing radionuclides…

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  • Chernobyl Research Paper

    Chernobyl On April 26, 1986 in a town just north of Kiev, Ukraine, lies the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and on this unfortunate day one of the nuclear reactors failed, causing numerous deaths and many more problems to the areas surrounding this nuclear plant. In this paper the history of Chernobyl will be examined and how it happened, along with the health effects related to radiation exposure, environmental effects, and what its’s like at Chernobyl today. Chernobyl had a total of four…

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  • The Importance Of Uranium In The Environment

    Uranium and its decay products can be found in the environment through a wide array of anthropogenic activities such as mining, nuclear and power generation industries and the production of phosphate fertilizers .(Sprynskyy et al. 2011) They pose a severe, long term ecological and public health threat (Khani 2011, Landa 2003) and therefore there is a considerable effort in the removal of these pollutants before their final discharge in the environment, as well as their recovery as an energy…

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  • Patient History Summary

    Patient History In April 2010, a 53 year-old male patient was admitted into the hospital for diagnostic testing. He is a cigar smoker and enjoyed an occasional alcoholic beverage. The patient is 68 inches tall and 190 lbs. He lives an active lifestyle but has been complaining of mild sweating, shortness of breath, and chest pain. The patient has a family history of heart disease and diabetes, however patient test results are negative for diabetes. The patient has had a history of heart problems…

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  • Advantages Of Anatomical And Metabolic Imaging

    accurately registered anatomic and functional images can be acquired in a single examination Current designs constitute a CT scanner in tandem with a PET scanner, with a common patient bed for both systems. Although in most designs, the scanner appears externally to be a single device, internally there is little or no mechanical integration (Fig.12) Limitations and advantages of anatomical and metabolic imaging: Limitations of anatomical imaging include; inability to determine if a mass is…

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