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  • The Pros And Cons Of Mining Regulation

    Over this period of time, it was reported that 11 of these men died from respiratory cancer and were nonsmokers. Major mortality rate due to lung cancer has been demonstrated in this group of people. National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance and epidemiology research have suggested that the workers were exposed to dusty mines with little to no effective ventilation, inadequate work gears, exposure to silica dust and radon gas. Evidently, these exposures created massive health issues on workers as well as the community. Given the sensitivity of uranium and the danger it portends to the workers, environment, and communities, there ought to be a rigid efforts explicitly to regulate this sector to avert crisis (Zupon, 2014). In the past, the laws, policies and regulation overseeing uranium mining, its process, and reclamation in the U.S were not thoroughly transparent or fully integrated (Graetz, 2014). This is because of the manner in which these regulations and laws were promulgated or enacted over the past century were a response to a certain crisis. In other words, the process and urgency of making existing regulations was necessitated by the need to address…

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  • Radon Research Paper

    Radon is a colorless chemically-unreactive inert gas. You cannot see it, smell it or taste it. The atomic radius is 1.34 angstroms and it is the heaviest known gas. Radon is nine times denser than air. Because it is a single atom gas it easily penetrates many common materials like paper, low density plastic, most paints, and building materials like gypsum board, concrete block, wood paneling, and most insulations. Radon was discovered by Ernest Rutherford and Robert B. Owens in 1899.…

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  • Radon's Effect On The Environment

    Radon is a naturally occurring element that does not harm humans in the outdoors. However, it can build up inside buildings and can cause cancer. Because of this, the EPA and other environmental organizations are requiring increased testing and mitigation. This will affect homeowners, homebuilders, schools, and the workplace. Radon is everywhere in our environment. Radon comes up from the ground and into our home and schools. Colorless and odorless, radon is a decay product of radium (Radon…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Granite Countertops

    Some of these radioactive elements slowly break down to form radon gas. Radon is a concern for homeowners and most people are aware of its dangers. This could be why there is an overreaction to naturally occurring radioactivity in granite slabs. The amount of radon and radioactivity released from granite is quite small and rarely over the limits of natural background radiation. Also, radon occurs naturally in many places and you might have it in your house now if it seeps up through the ground…

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  • Chemical Effects Of Formaldehyde

    (UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, 2017).The level of carbon monoxide in indoor spaces can be detected and tested through a carbon monoxide detector which allows the user to learn whether there are unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide present. The levels of carbon monoxide can also be decreased by ensuring that older furnaces are functioning correctly and experience complete combustion when burning methane. Like VOCS, levels of carbon monoxide can be decreased by opening windows…

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  • Kakuda Park Research Paper

    Have you ever heard of the national kakuda park, well this park is listed on the world heritage list meaning the park follows the criteria having said that is must be very special right? With this in mind do you really think the construction of a mine is a good idea. Not to mention that uranium mining can be extremely dangerous as underneath the uranium mines there can be high concentrations of radon which leads to lung cancer not only this puts the miners in danger but possibly the local…

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  • Chemming From Lung Cancer

    after treatment. However, most of these side effects eventually do go away after treatment, but can last a long time or could become everlasting. Additional Information Prevention Measures Lung cancer can be prevented, but it is up to an individual to take precautionary measures. There are simple ways to lower the risk of developing lung cancer, and the following ways are to not smoke, avoid secondhand smoke, having your home tested for radon, and being careful at work by following safety…

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  • Lung Cancer

    complicates the study of cancer, and it is still under research grabbing the attention of a large number of physicians and scientists across the globe. Lung cancer, like all other types of cancers, is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in any part of the lungs. Cells function and divide on receiving the commands from DNA (the genetic material of all cells in our body). Sometimes, DNA undergoes several changes called mutations. A series of mutations in the DNA can guide the cells of a…

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  • Normal Cells Vs Lung Cancer Essay

    Another way to avoid it is by testing your home for radon levels. Having a high radon will make your home a safer environment to live in. The lungs help your respiratory system improve and helps you inhale oxygen. By smoking your tissues and cells in your lungs will not let you move fresh air throughout your body. Studies have been showing throughout the years that not exercising 4 out of 7 days a week can result in lung cancer. The reason it causes lung cancer is because not exercising damages…

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  • Smoking: The Cause Of Lung Cancer

    90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking cigarettes, and over 1 million people worldwide die every year from lung cancer. Inhaling tobacco smoke damages cells in the lungs, causing abnormal cell growth resulting in malignant tumors in the lungs (Nature.com). One quarter of lung cancer cases worldwide occur in people who have never smoked. Although smoking is a major factor of causing lung cancer, there are numerous other ways of contracting this disease (Nature.com). One alternative cause…

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