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  • Marie Curie Research Paper

    Marie often worked late into the night stirring huge cauldrons with an iron rod nearly as tall as her." All this back breaking hard work and dedication paid off in July of 1898 when the Curie 's published their findings. Polonium, the Curie 's newly discovered element, was contained in the bismuth compound. This newly discovered element was named after Marie 's home country of Poland. Radium would be the second element the Curie 's discovered. 1903 would turn out to be a monumental year for Marie. Marie she graduated with a doctorate in physics, making her the firs European woman to earn this degree. In November she earned the highest honor possible when she, her husband, and Henri Becquerel won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work and contributions regarding atomic structure. Once again, she overcame the negative connotation that came with being a woman during this time. Pierre made sure that despite the fact that she was a woman, Marie would recieve all of the credit for her hard work. Marie won her second Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911 for her work with the elements polonium and radium. This makes her one of the only scientist to have won two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics. Marie Curie was a wonderful scientist and the top in her field but she was also so much more than that. Marie also made a great impact in World War I when she made sure that doctors had X-ray machines that were desperatly needed to help save lives. Science was still her most beloved…

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  • Marie Salomea Sklodowska's Impact On The World

    The first woman to win a noble prize for not just Physics but Chemistry too, would have a dramatic impact on the world as we know it today. Marie Salomea Sklodowska was a polish scientist, born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Congress Kingdom of Poland, Russia. Marie’s mother, Bronislawa, and father, Wladyslaw, were both teachers and wanted Marie to have an education. During school when Marie became fascinated with the art of science Marie’s parents were extremely encouraging and supportive.…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Conscience Analysis

    would bring in more money. And lastly, in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is the epitome of conscientious thinking in perhaps all literature. Marie Curie and her husband Pierre Curie spent the majority of their lifetime dedicated to the art of science. After discovery radiation from some rocks, Marie hypothesized that there was an unfound element hidden in the rock. In order to actually prove her theory, she required an actual piece of the element which was later named radium.…

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  • Annie Jump Cannon Research Papers

    Annie Jump Cannon was an American astronomer and physicist who was born on December 11, 1863, in Dover, Delaware. Although she became deaf early on in life, her mother encouraged Cannon to pursue her passion for astronomy. Cannon attended Wellesley College and eventually graduated as a valedictorian during a time when there were limited opportunities for women in the field of academics, mainly science. She continued her post-graduate studies at Radcliffe College, which allowed her to gain access…

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  • Radium Girls Play Analysis

    Radium girls was a play about a girl named Grace who works at a radium factory. She paints dials with radium paint. She and the two other girls she works with as seen in the play, were given instructions to put the paint brush in their mouth which later becomes the cause of radium poisoning. This caused the jaw of their mouth to slowly rot away and eventually kills them. Grace and Catherine decide to sue their employers for damages and poisoning. The employers were doing their best to hide the…

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  • Marie And Mare Curie Research Paper

    Marie and Pierre Curie More than hundred years passed since Marie and Pierre Curie won the Nobel Prize for discovering radioactive elements polonium and radium. The scientific world was excited with the newly discovered force of nature, but they soon realized that that the discovery was not the best for human race. They soon learned that the great discovery was a threat to health. Unfortunately, long time went by until their concerns were taken seriously. Marie Curie denied that…

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  • Burning Vision Labine Brothers Analysis

    the normality of grief and its surprising influence to bring together those who feel it. The Widow’s fear of forgetting her husband leads her to a naive young woman in need of guidance, the Radium Painter’s fear of the unknown leads her to romantic love, and the Fat Man’s fear of loneliness grants him an adopted family. In contrast, the Labine Brothers’ fear of competition is never cured. From this, the reader can conclude that the purpose of fear is to unite those under its influence.…

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  • Marie Curie's Influence On Society

    Marie Curie A glowing particle of radium sat in the dark with all of its pitchblende dirt particle buddies. A sliver of light was let in by the almost shut door, and as the sliver grew bigger, the shadow of a woman appeared on the ground. Marie Curie stepped into her lab, and began to gather the tools she needed. She picked up the little jar of pitchblende and brought it to a workstation and began sifting through it. The footsteps that had been working their way to the door finally reached it…

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  • Marie Curie: A Magnificent Scientist

    what would happen to every single cancer patient if Marie Curie never researched radioactivity. Marie Curie and Pierre Curie discovered radium in 1898, Marie then further researched it and discovered the benefits and disadvantages of it. Thanks to Currie radioactivity is now frequently used to treat cancer and has the potential to save lives. Marie Currie was a powerful figure who benefitted society’s view of women through her winning of two Nobel Prizes, discovering radioactivity and two…

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  • Sodium Girls Play Analysis

    Radium Girls Take-Home Quiz 1. Radium Girls displayed some very interesting signs throughout the show that helped signify crucial moments of the play. One such scene that demonstrated a very powerful and important part of the play was when Grace and Tommy picked out wallpaper. This scene signified that these people were not particularly special, but rather regular human beings from the time. The scene ended with Grace’s jaw starting to hurt; this showed how the downsides of capitalism can hurt…

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