Marie Curie: One Of The Most Remarkable Woman

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Marie Curie was a remarkable woman. She overcame adversity to become one of the most accomplished scientists today. Without this scientist the fight against cancer or something as simple as getting an x-ray would not be what it is today. Her research has helped to save the lives of millions. In order to accomplish everything she did (Founder of Curic Instutes, winner of two Nobel Prizes, discovering two new chemical elements) being a woman in a time where women were considered to be second class citizens, just goes to show how truly special Marie Curie is.
Marie was born as Maria Salomea Sklodowska on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. She was very smart and had a passion for science at a very young age. She graduated High School at the age
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Several of her discoveries include "uranium rays charge the air they pass through, so this air can conduct electricity. The number of rays coming from uranium depends only on the amunt of uranium present - not the chemical for of uranium. From this she theorized correctly that the rays were coming from within the uranium atoms and not a chemical reaction." She also properly formulated that the minerals pichblende and torbernite embody elements that are more active than uranium and therefore they have a larger resonse on the air and its magnetism. One of the most important discoveries Marie made involved her husband and the element …show more content…
Marie also made a great impact in World War I when she made sure that doctors had X-ray machines that were desperatly needed to help save lives. Science was still her most beloved subject, she established a radioactivity laboratory in the city where she was born. She was reconized world wide and beloved by many. Marie Curie is an inspiration to us all, she overcame adversity with hard work and

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