Marie Curie: The Discovery Of Raadium

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This book report will be about Marie Curie. She was the one who discovered radium. Marie discovered it because she was interested in figuring out what it was. Radium helped people back them by helping to create mobile X-ray units (Borzendowski 98) and glowing paint (Borzendowski 110). Today it is used for contact lenses, smoke detectors, alarms, microwaves, and medicines (Borzendowski 116).

Marie Curie was very crucial to the course of history. She was the one who discovered radium, which is used a lot today. This was a huge discovery "...destined to change not just the course of science but also the course of the world." (Borzendowski 1) Mary discovered radium because she was curious about what it was. The discovery of radium lead to something even greater like the atomic bomb. The radium comes from something called pitchblende, a material that contains uranium.
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It was important because it helps scientists understand a new form of energy. Back then radium was used for mobile X-rays machines (Borzendowski 98) and glowing paint(Borzendowski 110). It also taught them radiation is not to be messed with. If you get radiation poisoning, it will be painful, slow, and burning to the insides and body. It is very imperative to use all safety precautions while dealing with the radiation of radium.

Radium is used a lot differently today than it was used for back then. Today it is used for food industry, contact lenses, microwaves, nonstick spray, smoke detectors, and alarms. The discovery of radium helped the creation of the atomic bomb and other nuclear weapons. This helped the victory of the United States into World War II. In other words, Marie Curie made the U.S.

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