Argumentative Essay On Radiation Energy

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We know that radiation is harmful to us, even the sun’s UV waves are know to cause skin cancer. Than why, you may ask, do you think radiation is so good for us when it is so bad for our health? Well, for starters the two biggest types of power right now are Nuclear and Coal. If you have been keeping up with the environmental status coal is not helping the climate. People want to enjoy technology, but that costs power, which comes from coal. How do we balance these two, protecting the environment and keeping humanity moving forward? Well we find the cleanest and most renewable resource we can find. That is the one reason why I believe in radiation energy being the source of power in the future. In 2012,the “average” nuclear power plant in the …show more content…
The husband and wife team of Pierre and Marie Curie became interested in Becquerel’s discovery (The Discovery of Radioactivity). While experimenting with their own uranium-containing ore, they came up with the term "radioactivity" to describe the spontaneous emissions that they studied (The Discovery of Radioactivity). That word helped shape how we view the world forever. Radiation became the newest scientific find, however it flew under the radar for a bit, until we figured out how to power and destroy things with it. Ernest Rutherford made the next important discovery. Among his many accomplishments he named and characterized many aspects of radioactivity. He, therefore, developed the language that is in use today to describe radioactivity and atomic theory (The Discovery of Radioactivity). This man helped shape nuclear chemistry and he even created the planetary atom model. Rutherford is also famous for his experiment of gold foil. Rutherford 's experiments, in which he bombarded gold foil with particles (alpha particles) from a radioactive source, led to the understanding of the atom. “What he noted was that although most of the particles passed right through the gold foil, a very small percentage (approximately 1 in 8000) would "bounce back". What exactly did this imply?”(The Discovery of Radioactivity). This, in mister Rutherford`s head, meant that matter was made of empty space, but there is a tiny dense portion of matter that deflects particles. His discovery led to the universally accepted atom model. Not only did the discovery of radiation find a new source or energy but it also helped shape the atom as we know

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