Why Do Scientists Make Atomic Weapons

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During the time of WWT many scientists were helping to make atomic weapons. Some of the scientist who helped created the atomic weapons were not happy about the way they were used for various reasons. Other scientists were angry at America for deploying these weapons against Japan. They felt like it was unnecessary to drop atomic bombs. This is why many scientist spoke up when they heard how the bomb was being used and who it was being used against.

In the being American first intended to target Germany with the atomic bomb, but when Germany surrender there was no point in dropping the bomb on them. If American would have did that, it would have made them look like a real bully. Way before the bombs were even dropped on Japan, many scientists, at the Chicago metallurgical laboratory, were against the bomb being dropped on Japan and felt like it would cause the world to be destroyed. The scientists were concerned about the dangers of nuclear power and that it would threaten civilizations. The main reason on why they even wanted to make an atomic bomb was because they felt like Germany already had one and was waiting for the perfect time to use them.
Other reason on why many scientist were upset on how the atomic bomb was used is because Szilard as well as 150 other scientists made
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They were the ones who created it and felt like they should have had a say so in where it was dropped and how is was used. Personal I felt like American was wrong for not informing the scientist about how and where they were going to use the bomb. I don’t think America knows how much damage it could cause if you were exposed to radiation and how it would affect your like in the long run. I know they wanted to stop the war, but there’s other ways they could have approach it. Maybe they should have used one of the options that the scientist made at the

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