Atomic Bomb DBQ Essay

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The use of the Atomic Bomb was both necessary and justified as it immediately ended World War II, solidified the United States as a superpower, and contained the germinating powers of Japan and Russia. The use of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki immediately ended World War II and stopped the continuation of catastrophic and widespread violence in Japan. The Japanese had an audacious outlook on their offense throughout the duration of the war. It was suggested by Admiral William E. Leahy that, “The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender”(Source 2). However, this statement is directly refuted by the fact that an official warning was issued by the United States to Japan. It was a clear and direct warning, there was scarce …show more content…
With the destruction the Atomic Bomb had the ability to cause came the role of power. This sense of power was sought after by a majority of involved countries. A weapon this dangerous is a weapon that causes an immense amount of interest from other warring nations, “In Berlin where some of the American work on uranium is now being repeated”(Source 11). Germany specifically was in hot pursuit of the Atomic Bomb, the research being done was not isolated to the United States, nor was it a secret. It is highly likely that had Germany launched the Atomic Bomb campaign before the United States, nuclear warfare would have had a different meaning. Germany could have used this weapon with malice, with the intention of mass destruction. The fear caused by the use of the Atomic Bomb by Germany would have been fear of the country itself, instead of fear of escalating threats if the war did not end. The United States used the bomb to essentially cease fighting, with the goal of making this last statement and hoped that in turn the other countries would follow suit in never letting war get back to such a desperate and severe stage again. Additionally, the scientists involved in creating the bomb urged President Truman to use the bomb quickly, “It was their recommendation that the bomb be used against the enemy as soon as it could be done”(Source1). If we had not used the bomb first, the

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