Dropping The Atomic Bomb Justified

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The United State’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan during World War ll is one of the most arguable controversies in American history due to the questionable reasoning behind its use, and the horrific effects it had on Japanese citizens. At the time of the bombing it was actually supported by a vast majority of the American public. During 1945, the decision to use the bomb was not only supported but encouraged. In August of 1945 opinion polls given to the American public showed 85% of Americans supported bombing Japan (Hadley, 21). On the contrary, historians such as Gar Alperovitz have argued Truman used the bomb merely to gain political status and power over the Soviets. Those who helped Truman make the decision to drop the bomb …show more content…
First, I investigated the sources that were against the use of the bomb before the bomb was dropped including the intentions behind the bomb, and concerns from the Interim Committee . Then I looked at the evidence against the bomb after the bomb was dropped, including Henry Stimson’s concerns, and the horrific loss of Japanese life due to the bomb. It is interesting to see the difference between the worries before the bomb and after the bomb. The first document I looked at was Dropping the Atomic Bomb was Neither Necessary Nor Justifiable by Gar Alperovitz. In his essay he argues one of the reasonings for the use of the bomb was to scare the Soviets and to prevent an invasion of the Red Army in Manchuria. He also uses diary entries from Stimson and Byrnes to prove his argument. “And at the end of May, according to Szilard, Byrnes saw the bomb as a way to make Russia more manageable in Europe”(Alperovitz, 411). Then using the primary sources such as Stimson’s journal entries it is clear to see his second thoughts over the use of the bomb. He states “In many quarters it [America’s development of the atomic bomb] has been interpreted as a substantial offset to the growth of Russian influence on the continent”(Stimson, 1945). It is clear the intention behind the bomb was not only to end the war but to gain a hold on Russia. On the other hand once the bomb was dropped one of the unjustifiable arguments against the bomb was the unimaginable devastation it caused. Alperovitz states “Quite Simply, it is not true that the atomic bomb was used because it was the only way to save the “hundreds of thousands” or “millions” of lives as was subsequently claimed”(Alperovitz, 408). To me it is hard to look past the grotesque and devastating after effects of this bomb. Japan suffered an unimaginable amount of loss economically, physically, and environmentally. The bomb left thousands with radiation poisoning. The bomb would haunt

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