Truman Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb Over Japan Case Study

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Americans dropping of the Atomic Bomb over Japan under Harry S. Truman


Americans dropping of the Atomic Bomb over Japan under Harry S. Truman
Under the rule of President Truman, USA were ready to use an atomic bomb against Japan. Various options that were suggested to the president for retaliating against Japan, but he decided on the nuclear bomb that has not been in use for a period. Truman based his decision on the past phenomenon such as “the wake of the bloody battles on Iwo and Okinawa. “The essay focuses on the primary objective of the Harry S. Truman, which is dropping the atomic bomb on Japan about the moral dilemma that the president faced. The controversy has led to examining whether the atomic bombing
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The potential impact if the nuclear weapons make it detrimental to the health of the people. The decision is controlled by the political system in a country that authorizes the President to offer direction in the fight against the enemies. It was a challenge to the new leader to deal with such a complicated situation. The process of making decision required the president to prioritize on foreign policy instruments and extreme measures surrounding morality. Technology has expressed the importance aspect in executing decisions. Americans have been recognized to have a strong weapon that was built through collaboration among scientists, engineers, and other experts. Politically, the atomic bomb is one of the most expensive projects in U.S. (Feinman, 2000). Truman had learned from Roosevelt that Manhattan Project was to improve the security of the nation. Therefore, contributed to the finishing of the project and after the test in Mexico, he commanded the launch of the nuclear attack. The origin of the nuclear weapons came from Roosevelt, who had an interest in pursuing technology. Henry Stimson was the person who informed Truman of the existing project for building the nuclear weapon. The dilemma led the President hiring an interim committee that was to the advice of the issues related nuclear weapons. The controversy resulted in moral questions that …show more content…
Some authors support the decision of nuclear weapon while others claim that it is detrimental to human life. The dilemma attracted committee and experts in nuclear weapons to help in making an approximate decision. The president intention was to instill “fear” to the Japanese leaders in both political and military array. Roosevelt was the founder of the project, which was connected to the ability of the nation to use the technology. Roosevelt understood the danger exposed to the nation, therefore, security was one the factors that affect the development of a country. Previous war with Japan had shown that the President was aware that Japanese could evade his land at any time. Human rights organization disapproves the decision of retaliating by nuclear weapons while political leaders support his action. It was a great lesson but a dilemma situation. Therefore, the controversial has created a debate among the writers who vary in their opinion regarding the use of the atomic bomb in

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