Prompt And Utter Destruction By J. Samuel Walker Essay

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Prompt & Utter Destruction is a book by J. Samuel Walker that details the events leading up the decision for the United States to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Narrative-like descriptions of cabinet meetings, personal diary entries of important players, and first-hand accounts from soldiers in the war are all artfully pieced together to recreate the story of Truman’s decision, overturning many common misconceptions about the era and presenting new information. While Walker presents his own conclusions using the data he has compiled, he is careful to leave room for the reader to make his/her own inferences with the same data, and admits there are plenty of gaps in his information that could potentially vitally change his own opinions, should they ever be discovered. Walker begins the book with a preface describing his motivation for writing this book— he has been curious about this era in history for a good deal of his life, and has decided to compile his findings mainly for personal use, though he’s happy to share with the world. The book reads like a story, as if written by a fiction author instead of a historian. This lends itself to its target audience of the general public rather than elite academia, and makes the book an easily understandable read. His word choice, as well, makes it easy for the reader to get sucked into the narrative, forget that they are reading an account of history and instead begin to experience the story…

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